Monday August 21st! Denver’s PAULIE LIPMAN for the return engagement win! Musical Guest JUST SAYIN’! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Let’s try this again! PAULIE LIPMAN, our favorite Denver Road-Dog, is blazing his way back through New England on a post 2011 National Poetry Slam tour! He graced us with a couple pieces last week and will be back this monday for two dynamite sets! What to say, my man’s been an integral part of 10 Denver Mercury Cafe Poetry Slam Teams including the 2004 second place and 2006 National Championship Teams. He’s been published online and in the Write Bloody Publishing Anthology “The Good Things About America,” and has been featured all over North America, far and wide, several self produced albums to his credit, including his latest, “The Obscene Gravity of Science,” a new work funded by a successful kickstarter campaign last winter! This DIY mainstay is one of our favorite’s in the spoken word world and we know ya’ll are gonna love his energetic delivery, raw words and grand body of work will kick you to the back of your bar stool this Monday! For more info or sample some tasty tracks:

MUSICAL GUEST: JUST SAYIN’ – a 4 piece alternative pop-rock band, with influences from all over the place but when they bring them together, you will be Just Sayin’ WTF right along with rest of us. …….Debbie is the bass guitarist of the band. She offers unique writing styles and creative riffs on the bass…….Tom is the lead singer of the band. He brings a new perspective, while having a very diverse set… of influences………..Patrick is our guitarist that adds to the mix and fills in to what we were missing! Michelle M. has just join us on drums. She rounds out our mix on what we have been missing for awhile now. They are playing out in the Greater Boston Area often and will be hitting Ralph’s for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP: “Gibbs vs. Davis II Electric Huka-loo” The two titans are beefing for the trophy. Bobby has it. Your curator wants it! One secret ingredient, 3 original poems from each competitor, and 18 scores from 3 judges all stand in the way of of deciding if there’s a knew sheriff in improv poetry town!

Duct tape band may be reforming soon as box-car Larry looks to take his act on the road, (no hobo)! Snacks are appreciated (i think we’re close to rice cakes ya’ll). Yosh and Chicken are pleased with our summer attendance and may re-up our contract for another season! Open mic’s have been packed early so get down early to secure yourself a spot! We’ll leave you with video from our balls to the walls gangsta feature!

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