Monday 8/8/11 Pre-NPS bash! DG gets seduced by LAURA YES YES! Plus HAPPY LITTLE CLOUDS & SLAM BINGO!

This Monday, Dirty Gerund is pleased as drunk punks to be welcoming back one of or favorite features evah! LAURA YES YES will be in the house as everybody quakes in anticipation for the NATIONAL POETRY SLAM starting the very next day in Cambridge! (August 9th-13th). Laura is a Callaloo and Cave Canem fellow, assistant editor for Muzzle Magazine, and co-curator of Real Talk Live, Chicago’s most raucous variety show. She tours internationally performing her poetry and leading workshops. She has competed in many national competitions, notably as a finalist in 2010′s Women of the World Poetry Slam. Her first book, How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps, was nominated for a National Book Award by Write Bloody Publishing. It’s been an incredible year for one of our favorite artists! Most of these accolades came as no surprise to us. When she visited over a year ago, she blazed our stage with  incredible energy, wit, humor and heart. And because National Poetry Slam is upon us, with over 500 of the best spoken word poets all converging in our happy little bay state, don’t be surprised to catch some super secret special guest poets in the house on Monday, including one the feature has promised to bring with her! Now if that’s not gangsta, i’d like someone to show me something that is!

MUSICAL GUEST: HAPPY LITTLE CLOUDS – Happy Little Clouds began playing in 2010 when former band-members, Jac Mestel and Alex Toorish, decided to brush themselves off and move forward after their old band, Jac’s Attic, broke up. They got out of the attic and have since felt quite at home enjoying the sunlight of Boston. Happy Little Clouds creates a rock feel that is both musical and memorable. The sound ranges from modern-day indie rock to mainstream pop, with a sometimes down-to-earth folkiness and classic rock grit. Catchy songwriting interwoven with relevant grooves, unique guitar, & big teddy-bear bass lines. Band Interests: Playin’ tunes, floatin’, thunderin’, tossing lightning around, painting with Bob Ross, etc. Influences include, but are not limited to The Kinks, Billy Joel, the Pixies, The Fratellis, James Taylor, Queen, REM, Jethro Tull and about a thousand more acts, that you can read all about at the band’s website,

BONUS RUCKUS: POETRY SLAM BINGO!!! to celebrate National Poetry Slam championships in our back yard EVEN FURTHER! DG’s bringing back the ever fun and popular POETRY SLAM BINGO, Nick and I will sing, beat box, and cliche our way onto your score cards! We’ll be performing a couple poems that highlight some of the most, ahem, over used tactics and allusions in slam poetry. Be the first to get a “bingo’ and win!!!

THIS IS GONNA BE A JAM-PACKED SHOW!!! be there by 9, to assure yourself an open mic slot! YOSH & CHICKEN got my back! Get at us if you want to donate snack time or be visual artist! Dirty Gerund dUCT tAPE band will play as we try to think of a way to keep LARRY WILSON in WORCESTER!!! I think every show we do is top notch in its own special way, but the POETS are COMING, the POET are coming! This Monday is gonna rawk! hide your couches, loose change and significant others!!!

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