Monday! July 25th – WORCESTER POETRY SLAM TEAM storms the Gerund! Musical Guest WATCH ME BURN! Plus the return of the “Prose Cuddle” Challenge!

This Monday, the 2011 Worcester Poetry Slam Team is your feature at the Dirty Gerund! We’re preparing to battle 71 other teams from around the world this August at the National Poetry Slam and we could use your support! Members of the team include myself, grand slam champion BRANDI MacDONALD, Poetry Slam God-Father BILL MacMILLAN, Iron poet champ BOBBY GIBBS and Poets Asylum co-host LIZ HEATH! We’ll be bringing two sets of our best solo work and unveiling some multi-voice group poems as well! CD’s will be available for sale to help support our efforts! Poetry slam is the competitive art of performance poetry. Teams converge every year for a shot at the title, every team performs in two preliminary bouts, top scorers move on to semi’s and finals, tournament style! The festival is happening in Cambridge this year, the first time it’s been in New England in over 10 years! We’re hoping to score some home court advantage and seeing a lot of you gerunders on Mass Ave!So get amped, this is your team!!! Dare I say, America’s team? If you want to learn more about poetry slam and possibly get involved, there’s an open poetry slam happening this Sunday Night, check out – Can’t make it this Monday? Want to support Poetry Slam in Worcester? you can buy a download of the Slam CD at their bandcamp page!!!

MUSICAL GUEST: WATCH ME BURN – Not much is known about these local music makers! We had to get the blog post up early this week and at the time of this writing, do not have enough info to give you guys a good indication as to what this band is bringing! But hey! It’s the Gerund. Quality or some form of ruckus usually ensues!

BONUS RUCKUS – THE PROSE CUDDLE CHALLENGE – The triumphant return of a popular game we threw down on last year. Ever heard of a rap battle? Two emcees take turns ripping on each other for jackal audience approval? Well, this is the exact OPPOSITE. We’re all about the LOVE at the DG! You step up to the mic and do your best to poetically compliment your opponent! You don’t even have to rhyme! Whoever elicits the most “awwww shucks…” from the audience advances in their round. Winner gets a cool prize and a group hug!!! Awwwwww……

Duct Tape Orchestra’s upgraded the handsome with new bass slapper CHRIS MacNAMARA joining the fray for a summer residency! DIRTIEST GERUND’s still looking for a few good open mic-ers and audience members! Get in touch with NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS if you want to take part in any of the special challenges we’re doing at the Raven Saturday! Snack-time? Write Emilee Morreale! Visual Arts? Write Aaron White. Contact for all of them on our Ruckus Staff Page. I’ll be away in San Francisco this week for the 2011 Brave New Voices Youth Festival with my slam-lings so I’m relying on all of you to help Nick and Mark Leighton tear things up leading to and at the Dirtiest Gerund Showcase this Saturday!!!! Special announcement blog post with details coming soon! YOSH & CHICKEN have been invited!

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