Monday! 7/18/11 CHRISTIAN DRAKE rockabilly rolls into the RUCKUS! MUSICAL GUEST: Pittsburgh Indie Hip Hop STILLBORN IDENTITY! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER “Davis vs. St. George”!

This poem’s crazZZZeeeEEeeeee!!! The man who wrote it is coming HeRE!

This Monday’s show should smash like a summer comic book adaptation block buster! From Albuquerque New Mexico, by way of San Fran Bay Area, by way of Washington DC, by way of Northampton, MA, comes our poetry feature CHRISTIAN DRAKE, a six-time National Poetry Slam team member, who’s appeared on NPS Finals stage three times: Once as a competitor (Team Albuquerque 2009, which placed second) and twice as an invited guest performer (2006 and 2007). This former slam champion of Berkeley, California has also been a host of the Berkeley Slam and Albuquerque, NM’s Poetry & Beer Slam, Oakland’s famous Tourettes Without Regrets variety show and the spin-off he founded, Tourettes Without Regrets ABQ. His poetry has been performed on at least three continents and covered by hundreds of high school forensics students, and he himself has performed in over sixty cities in the U.S. and Canada. He has never been featured on HBO, but he was once featured on Al Jazeera. A native of Northampton, MA, Christian earned his reputation in the United States slam world by combining finely-crafted poetry with wild, rock-and-roll-inspired performance. A poet of outstanding variety, his repertoire includes poetry about heartbreak, music formats, war, nature, pornography, immigration, gardening, mythology, love, and the relative merits of period sex. He’s best known for his environmentalist work; currently a science teacher in the New England wilderness, he has been an aquarium naturalist, a planetarium guide, an urban forester and a park ranger over the years. The effect is, to quote one audience member, like nature poetry filtered through a guitar amp.” This is his first trip to the DG, so let’s make some noise!!!

MUSICAL GUEST: PITTSBURGH Underground Emcee CODY JONES aka STILLBORN IDENTITIY & Youngstown Ohio Emcee & Beats-Maker , NICK BAKER on a national tour!!! When our friend Shane Hall went on his Crazy Branch Deal tour, he visited Pittsburgh and caught this talented underground emcee doing his thing in PA. Cody’s doing an East Coast Tour, bringing his rockin’ indie rap act to the Gerund. Check out some tunes and get to know him more HERE! He’ll be joined by touring mate, BAKER a current Youngstown Ohio, beats producer and emcee. (check him out HERE)! These two lyricists are visiting Worcester for the first time, so let’s get some hands in the air (they still put them in the air right?)!

Hey!!!! OH!!!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER BOUT “DAVIS vs. ST. GEORGE”Your intrepid curator wants to get his grubby paws on the trophy, “when asked why, he mumbled something about sobriety sucking…” Anyways, NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is a past champion and thinks he’s got the chops to take on Champion BOBBY GIBBS, the man who took it from him before his first reign! The only problem, is raucous, irascible upstart, SARAH ST. GEORGE, a relative new comer to the Gerund Scene, who’s been hitting our mic hard lately, winning challenges and raising our eye brows with some work that ain’t taking your shit! For reals! You know how this goes. 2 poets, 3 rounds, 3 judges, 3 categories and one crazy ingredient provided by our Chairman, YOSH SHARTIN! Winner gets a shot at the title, and maybe one at the bar!

We’re lookin’ for YOU!!! DUCT TAPE BAND will stand behind you and play pretty or ugly depending on what kind of work you’re bringing to the open mic! YOSH & CHICKEN have noticed a discernible drop in hockey fights lately. VISUAL ARTIST TBA. We’re hoping to get our snack queen back from vacation, send her a shout if you got an idea! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is doing sit-ups and listening to Eye of the Tiger on loop! This is a JAM Jam JAMMY JAM PACKED SHOW! Get there by 9pm, to assure yourself an open mic slot! We are not playing! 🙂

We’ll leave you with some ill words from our musical guest:

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