MONDAY JULY 11th – LEWIS MORRIS IS THE ILLEST! Musical Guest LIGHT UP NANCY! Plus the “Dog Days of Summer” Writing Challenge!

Hello Good Gerunders! Now that we’ve celebrated our freedom to be backyard bar-b-q, pool moochin’ knuckleheads… let’s get back to business! THIS MONDAY, the Dirty Gerund is proud to welcome poet LEWIS MORRIS to our stage. A former Providence Youth Poetry Slam Star, an integral member on teams from 2005-2008, including the 2006 Providence Team that made it to finals stage (with the top four teams performing on the Historic Apollo Theater Stage in Harlem!). Lewis has gone on to continue ripping microphones in Boston, having established the bomb-ass Mass College of Art Poetry Slam and Open Mic! He’s studying film making, publishes mad books, produces sick instrumental beats and can talk comics and movies long past most hipster attention spans. Apart from being “the illest” (his words, but I tend to agree), he’s also one of the nicest cats on the scene! He can shine that powerful stage presence but also has the writing chops to back em up!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

MUSICAL GUEST: Hailing from Worcester, MA, LIGHT UP NANCY began as an acoustic duo between song writers Kenny Briggs and Ben Gleason. What soon emerged is now a full fledged rock band staying true to their acoustic roots. “Rich chords and melodic chorus. Vocals soft as a feather and gritty as dirt. Front man Briggs proudly steps forward from a background in the NY theatre scene, carrying out a love of words…, literature, poetry, and the stage. Gleason, on lead guitar, refuses to hide behind overly distorted effects. A love for the sound of each string. A deep value for the combined timbre of an old guitar and a vintage tube amp. With nods to their heroes such as Raine Maida and Ronnie Wood, these boys carry utmost respect from whence they came. Now, coming into their own, they take absolute pride in their own set list of potent originals, committing to delicate as well as dirty.” ~ Jenna DeSimone ~

SPECIAL VISUAL ARTS RUCKUS!!! – “AARON WHITE vs. THE WORLD” (Magic Marker Battle Royal Part 1): Visual Arts Director AARON WHITE has chimed in with an innovative collaborative Project, “literally everyone is encouraged to participate. I’m acting as sort of a ringleader, and if people are concerned about their artistic skills, I will embellish stuff and make their contribution awesomer. Everything will be done in marker (I have a 50 piece marker set) so that everyone’s on equal ground. Money from the auction will go to the Dirty Gerund.” (maybe we’ll invest in more bumper stickers!)

BONUS RUCKUS – The “DOG DAYS OF SUMMER” Writing Challenge! – Forget about what the Fresh Prince said about unwinding! We like sweat at the DG and we want to see you fully wind up and throw down your best words about the sweltering! BBQ haiku. Sonnet for that perfect fitting swimsuit that eludes you. Rant about the heat! Share that special slip n’ slide memory! Poems about baseball are totally acceptable. Hey! Why am I giving you all the ideas! Be creative! Best poem about, regarding, incorporating, alluding to, illuminating upon, these here dog days will get a special summery prize!

DUCT TAPE BAND ACTIVATE! Who’s got the snacks? YOSH & CHICKEN have reluctantly agreed to douse you in ice water as long as you’re willing to mop up the residual mess! We totally have bumper stickers, limited edition style! Anybody seen my bass guitar? Last scene sitting on the upstairs stage at Ralph’s on May 30th! It’s red, beat up, got some old ass stickers on it and its MINE! (oh well…) The cops didn’t care either! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS wants to borrow your pool, or a pond, “yeah, pond would be good for you!” DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE DIRTIEST GERUND COMING TO THE RAVEN on Saturday, JULY 23rd! double open mics, triple musical acts, quadruple the features and fun games! Minus one sad co-host who can’t be there to lord over everything like his OCD ass always does! CLICK HERE to get hip!!!!

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