MONDAY 7/4/11 COME to the GERUND & HELP SUPPORT GERUNDERS of TOMORROW by cheering on WORCESTER YOUTH SLAM ALUMNI ALL STARS – Musical Guest SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD & The “Bad Poetry I Wrote in High School’ Challenge!

This week, we have NO IDEA what ya’ll got cookin’ up at your back yard parties, fire work demonstrations or your beach blanket clam bakes! Holidays are holidays and you can still come down and get verbed up at the DG! The WORCESTER YOUTH POETRY SLAM ALUMNI are hitting the stage to help raise money for the 2011 WORCESTER YOUTH POETRY SLAM TEAM as they prepare for their annual trip to the Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Festival. Alex runs the program, that selects teen poets to rep our city! Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is a past youth team member (2004) and has put together a group of alumni that includes amazing invitee poets KATE RICHARDSON, TAK MOGEL, RAPHAEL LUCKOM, DANNY BALEL, JEFF SIEGRIST, EDWARD HABIB and ELYSE BIANCHET. They’re all 21 plus now and still writing, performing and willing to support the Gerunders of the future. They’ll be performing new work, some of their classics and perhaps even read covers from this years crop of talented young writers. THIS IS A FUND RAISER YA’LL. WE NEED YOUR HELP with securing plane tickets for this years team to travel to San Francisco! We’ll have copies of this year’s team CD on hand, with 12 poems! ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS BRING SOME CASH AND HELP SUPPORT THE GERUNDERS OF TOMORROW! You can also support the team with a credit card, make a secure on-line paypal donation RIGHT HERE!

MUSICAL GUEST: SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD – DG Musical Director GREG McKILLOP is hoping you got some dance moves and listening ears for his folk indie rock chops! Last time we booked him as our musical guest, there was crazy snow! Now its warm and he’s ready to drop a set of killer tunes for you, the monday crew he cares for so deeply! Heck, he may even have a new album or two ready to go by then! You never can tell! Also, Greg’s got a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN going for his “Forever Tour” Idea! Can you imagine what he could do with a vegie oil van? Click there and find out, or just click on to get a grip on all his other projects!

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “BAD POETRY I WROTE IN HIGH SCHOOLChallenge! Not all of us wrote incredible poetry like the ex Worcester Youth Poetry Slam-sters did back in the day! Some of us wrote endless, cliched, unrequited longing, heart-sick, whiny, depressing, forced rhyme schemed dreck! Go to them attics, closets, find notebooks filled with awful odes and embarasing stanzas, bring them to the Dirty Gerund and perform them with all the angst you got left! Celebrate your early awkwardness and win an awkward prize (well the prize might not be as awkward as your early attempts at writing poetry!).

Come party this with us this Monday! YOSH AND CHICKEN are working the holiday, so tip them EXTRA (they may accept fire-crackers, as long as they’re not USED – no smoking in the bar!) Duct tape band members will be on hand, ready to musical back-drop your fine words! Visual artist TBD! Snack-Time is up for grabs, but not for Durian Fruit flavored candy, ok? (wink)! Many thanks to the Worcester Arts Council for their continued tolerance and support! We have a banner!

we’re going to leave you with one of my favorite pieces from last year’s 2010 Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team, so you can get inspired, and support our efforts to raise ’em raise the roof up right!

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