Monday! 6/27/11 Stretch… with CAROLINE HARVEY! Musical Guest EYE WITNESS! Plus The “Camper’s Pampers” Challenge!

We got THE SHOW for ya’ll this Monday! Boston’s CAROLINE HARVEY shares her sound as a poet, a storyteller, a master of ceremony and a voice for change.  Known for her powerful physical presence, unflinching honesty and skillful use of language, her work is both brutal and moving—exploring spirituality, womanhood, freedom and the belief that even the fiercest traumas and illnesses contain within them the potential for profound healing.  Bostonia Magazine calls her “loud and fierce” and Hampshire College Slam Master writes, “There are few living poets who put the kind of passion into their performance that Caroline does.” She’s been published in High Desert Voices (available here.) & The Charles River Review. Caroline’s parents remind her, with a wink, that she was never very good at following the rules she didn’t agree with.  But she comes by her love of subversion honestly– her grandfather was famed civil and human rights attorney Arthur Harvey who represented artists (like Paul Robeson), women, and minorities at a time when doing so made him a target for the McCarthy hearings. At 15 Caroline left high school to follow the Grateful Dead around the country, and then she relocated to England to study creative writing, art history and philosophy at Oxford Tutorial College.  After studying and traveling in Europe and North America, Caroline lived for a time in Colorado before studying Fine Arts, Theater and English at various universities in NY. Caroline was awarded a BFA in Theater from Boston University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and won the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence.  Her stage directorial debut dealt with the work of poet Anne Sexton and was chosen for review by the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Caroline additionally earned a Master’s Degree in Dance from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures, where she wrote and performed a thesis called “Inward Music: The Rug Dance Project.” She was featured on Season Five of HBO’s DEF POETRY JAM, just finished an artist in residency at Berklee College of Music, where she coached their award winning poetry slam team. She’s just been offered an associate professorship at Berklee and will be teaching there in the fall. She’s been a member and coach of several poetry slam teams from both the San Francisco Bay & Boston Areas. Caroline currently works as a yoga, dance and meditation instructor & workshop leader, a doula (birth attendant), and is in private practice as a Somatic Therapist in Boston, specializing in Craniosacral Therapy and Voice Work. In a word she rocks! Has not been to Worcester in some time and is gonna run crazy word game at our show! Find out more at – She’s also walked on fire!

MUSICAL GUESTEYE WITNESS is the indie-folk duo of Milo and Rainy. They hail from West Boylston, MA and are frequenters of the music scene in Worcester MA and parts beyond. They have stories to tell. They’ve chosen to explore musical pathways that traditional American folk and blues have carved out for decades. This path has revealed a rich history of American mythology that they are adept at whittling into memorable songs and melodies. Milo’s songwriting ruminates on themes of life, death, lost love, deals with the devil at lonely crossroads, delivered with an energy and earnestness that pays homage to the likes of Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen, to name a few. Rainy’s presence is felt in every song as she guides and shapes the music with her exhaustive instrumentation which adds creative color where needed. Although the music can arguably be classified as “folk”, the band defies strict labels, especially since the music is delivered with the energy of punk and the melancholy of traditional blues. Only the unseen future knows where the band’s continuing transformation will take them in terms of music, lyrics and showmanship. These dark indie folksters just got a great write up in Worcester Magazine, you can also visit them at where you can pick up the new album, A Pleasant Tomorrow.

BONUS RUCKUSThe Camper’s Pampers Performance Challenge! Your curator thinks ’em up and I give ’em cutesy titles. Got a good ghost story? Got a horrific camping experience story? Got a poem about them great ole’ mosquito bitin’ out doors? No? Well can you go camping this weekend and come up with something? Here’s more to the point. Do you like smores? Better yet, do you like free smore fixings? Come at us with your best tale and you can take home the yummy rewards. I hope the Christmas Tree Shop is still carrying those marshmallow’s that are bigger than our ego’s!  I believe it was the great poet Busta Rhymes who said “when I’m at the club, yeah, gimme some smores!

Snoop Bloggy Blog says BIG NIGHT SUNDAY! Catch NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS for his feature at The Poets Asylum (word is he’ll have a new book!). The second that’s over, you can jet to Pleasant Street for DECYPHER OF THE DEAD, GRAND ARKANUM, full band set ALEX CHARALAMBIDES, rap set from SHANE HALL, & the headliner STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDING ARTIST B.DOLAN at the RAVEN! Yosh and Chicken clicked maybe on the invite, but we’ll still buy drinks from them this Monday! Duct Tape and Snacks and TBA visual arts auction this monday! Get at us! Summer, Summer Summer Time! Forget unwinding, let’s get AMPED!!!

Our feature’s been on TV! Don’t believe us…. Mos Def said her name!

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