Monday! June 20th! JOHNNY D features, JON VON WONDERFUL swoops in to music us! PLUS “Comedian Roast Off” Bonus Ruckus Challenge!

THIS WEEK THE DG INVITES JOHNNY D for a special poetry feature! JOHN DERVISHIAN was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. His claim to fame involves two actors that shall not be named, due to the probability of getting sued for using names without consent. He graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin in 1988 and went on to pursue a degree in Sociology. The decision to study Sociology was because he did not know what else to do and this was quite an easy way to get out of college. Nonetheless this degree has opened doors within the Human Service Field. He has been working in this field for over 18 years and this is his “career”, although there are so many other things he should be doing. Someone eventually decided it was a good idea to marry him and have his children. Poetry was not used to get this to happen. He cannot afford to live in Cambridge despite his yearning to go back, so he has settled in the Western part of Massachusetts. John writes for the excitement and therapy it provides him. Aside from writing, John enjoys playing the guitar (not so well), playing video games and reading his poetry to people who will listen. John’s got a style all his own, was recently spotlighted in Pulse Magazine and has two full length poetry books, which you can find out more about HERE. You can often find him reading his work at the popular 3rd Firday POETRY COVE series in Worcester! John’s poems have plenty of heart, booze and humor. John’s visited the DG before, but we’re excited to be welcoming him to the ruckus for two sets of irreverence!

MUSICAL GUEST: JON VON WONDERFUL – anybody who was at last week’s show caught a glimpse of a real life, honest to something (let’s not bring god into this) SUPER HERO, who sprang ever so valiantly from the men’s room to interrupt a relatively peaceful open mic. I’m not sure what we were in danger of, but this character took it upon himself to entrance us with his super powers, namely, his ability to incite a dance riot through use of 8 bit music produced on a gameboy system. He’s already got the attention of the Clark Kent Newspaper Writers of the World (well Worcester T&G anyways) and is ready to rock the new 97D Webster St. Dance Party this Friday Night! We were going to have local DG regular & our favorite Coney Island Wiener-Slinger JOSH HOLDEN do a musical set, but… well… we can get that guy anytime. This JON VON WONDERFUL on the other hand, is where it’s at, and we are nothing if not on the cutting edge of what’s happening now! You can download his album right over here do it why don’t ya? Up up and awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

BONUS RUCKUS – Dirty Gerund “SUPER ROAST OFF” Comedian Challenge! It’s getting hot and we’re a bit tired thinking about new poetic game shows. Some of you approached us and gave us an idea that would spotlight some of the other performers who hit our stage and our bar on the regular. Matthew Flynn, Kevin Hurstak and Ryan Staples yuck it up around the local comedy scene. We often welcome these comedians to our open mics because, hey why not! These three are going to go toe, to toe, to toe, for the right to be named Dirty Gerund Roast Champion! Watch out Comedy Central, these three are each gonna get 5 minutes each to punch the crap outta each other verbally. Audience will decide who’s the funniest. Prize and title bestowed on our champ! I know you’re only supposed to roast celebrities, but like we said, it’s hot! Really, this shouldn’t get ugly at all.

Duct Tape Orchestra will be in full effect! Snack Time? Yosh and Chicken are gonna be serving Chile outta Lord Stanley’s Cup or at least fantasizing about it! Visual Artist TBD! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is gearing up for his first POET’S ASYLUM FEATURE June 26th! I’m gearing up for a full band opening slot with SHANE HALL for B. DOLAN show the same night at the Raven! Good news is you can totally go to BOTH! Wow! This post has more links to other pages then I’ve ever done, if you’ve made it to the bottom of this page without getting lost in an endless maze of pop-up windows & endless content, I salute you. Of course thanks to the Worcester Arts Council for helping to fund this series!

We’ll leave you with some B. DOLAN – cause, it’s ILL!!!

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