Monday 6/13/11 – Dirty Gerund welcomes TARA SKURTU from Boston! PETTICOAT JUNCTION from around here! BONUS RUCKUS IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH “Worster vs. Gibbs”!

This week Dirty Gerund is excited to announce a female artist dominated night of awesomeness coming up this Monday! Our poetry feature, TARA SKURTU is reading her work in Worcester for the first time! She’s studied creative writing at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Her poem, “Visiting Amber at Lowell Correctional,” was awarded an honorable mention by Elizabeth Alexander for the 2008 Academy of American Poets Prize, and was also awarded the 2010 Marcia Keach Memorial Prize. She was a guest reader at the 2009 & 2010 Massachusetts Poetry Festivals, and was selected by Lloyd Schwartz to be the university’s poet at the 2010 Greater Boston Undergraduate Intercollegiate Poetry Festival. Tara received the 2010 Academy of American Poets Prize for her poem, “Some Days Begin Like This.” Her poems have been published in the Hiram Poetry Review, Salamander and just recently had a piece accepted for the forthcoming issue of poet lore.  She’s also given featured readings at the Boston Conservatory and the popular Lizard Lounge Sunday Night Poetry Slam Series. Check out her work at

MUSICAL GUEST: PETTICOAT JUNCTION – local songstresses CHERYLE CRANE & HELEN BEAUMONT are good friends, and that love shines through in the harmonizing for this duo, two honky tonk sisters, connected by love of old traditional country. Petticoat Junction is about showcasing traditional harmonies with traditional music in untraditional places. Neither are strangers to the Worcester Music Scene. Helen has rocked out on stage with a bevy of local music icons, in ska band Guns of Navarone and the old timey bluesy blue grass folksters in Farmers Union Players. Cheryle also sits in with them sometimes and explains that the duo also guests with other bands like The Throttles & The Pinball Millionaires. They’ve even performed a Capella a few times. They do an assortment of styles that mix well together; old country, southern gospel, rockabilly, uptown 50s Country. Inspired by The Louvin Brothers, The Carter Sisters but also Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, and even Carl Perkins. (Petticoat Junction Photo Provided by Ted Theodore, all rights reserved).

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – “Worster vs. Gibbs”!  Gloves are off! This is the first title defense for our new champion, MELLISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters) and we did not make things easy. You’ll remember that Melissa won the March Gladness tournament, besting an amazing field of local and regional poetry stars. But now, she has to face off against the Dirty Gerund’s most prolific champ and current 2011 Worcester Slam Team Member BOBBY GIBBS, who desperately wants “his” title back! Chairman YOSH SHARTIN‘s gonna have to get creative and cook up a fiendish ingredient for these two challengers who’ve been through their share of battles. 3 pieces, 3 judges, 3 categories all blend together to make for an interesting end to the evening. Our brand new amazing trophy is on the line!

Visual Artist ELIZABETH SOUSA returns to paint! (She’s the one who did those awesome owls!) DUCT TAPE MUSIC SQUAD will be on hand this monday to lay down the open mic and feature grooves. YOSH & CHICKEN will keep one eye on the Stanley Cup and the other on your drink order, so nothing too complicated. Get at EMILEE MORREALE if you have a snack idea, you’re a week away from rice cakes.

WHOOOOOOO? Dirty Gerund! WHOOOOOOO! I said DIRTY GERUND!!!! you silly owls better come on down this Monday and night it outloud with us!

2 Responses to “Monday 6/13/11 – Dirty Gerund welcomes TARA SKURTU from Boston! PETTICOAT JUNCTION from around here! BONUS RUCKUS IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH “Worster vs. Gibbs”!”

  1. This sounds like a heck of a night! Thanks for sharing this!
    Wish I could be there to check it out!

    Greetings from New Mexico,

    Rich B, c/o Local Poets Guild

    • dirtygerund Says:

      thanks Rich! there’s some show highlight video’s on youtube. check em out! just type Dirty Gerund Poetry. 🙂

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