THIS MONDAY, DIRTY GERUND brings the ruckus back downstairs for another quality night of poetry, music, art and whatever else we can think of doing on a Monday Night. Your Poetry Feature is none other than 2011 Manchester Slam Free of Die Team Member, BEAU WILLIAMS – was born in a hospital room because Wal-Mart was further away. He lives in a tree in Dover, NH. Beau runs a successful poetry venue in Newmarket, NH called Zion Hill Poetry Night at the Stone Church. He was a member of the 2010 Manchester Slam Free or Die poetry team. A team which ranked higher this year than any previous year in Manchester’s history. One day, while sifting through sand on a beach in North Truro Mass, he found a dirty broken object. It was poetry. He now sleeps with it under his arm every night. Beau’s toured the country with the “Uncomfortable Laughter” Ensemble and will be visiting Ralph’s for the first time! Excellent words, sentiments and posture are sure to ensue! “Beau Williams is a good, beautiful human being and writer. I would gladly always have him in my home.” –Michael Matthew McGee, National Individual and Team Slam Champion.

MUSICAL GUEST – TOREBA SPACEDRIFT – “AUTHENTIC SPACE ROCK” – Trevor Piekarski is a musician and music producer. He plays shows in the New England area with other members of his band Toreba Spacedrift. Synth Dub, hippie / dance, space rock jams are gonna grab us and make us move! Check out their stuff at Don’t want to take our word for it? Fine! “From the moody, trip-hop of “Medicine Man” to the sinister atmospheric electronica of “Moving Animals,” Toreba Spacedrift creates a bizarre, sensually heightened soundscape that’s both hypnotizing and engaging. This is a band that’s actively pushing the boundaries of what can and can’t be called music, and finding all sorts of nifty stuff along the way.” – Worcester Telegram & Gazette

BONUS RUCKUSNicky D’s “SUPER STANZA PSYCH STRIKE” Performance Challenge! – This is kind of a two parter – Nick and I are each taking a challenger. Bring two poems and your best heckling tools. We start with two mini-brackets, with each poet trying to out-psych the other during the performance of a poem. No pantsing, inappropriate touching, cream pies or close bad breath talking, but whatever noise, prop or tactic you have to make the other poet lose track of their ish is in play. Crowd chooses who psychs out the best and who can survive the heckling the best. Winners move on to championship round. Winner of that gets a prize! If nobody signs up, me and Nick will go toe to toe, in which case, I will cheat for your general amusement!

Visual Artist & Snack Time to be determined! Visit the Ruckus Staff Page and contact Aaron (Arts) or Emilee (Culinary) to be considered. A HUGE RUCKUSEY THANKS TO TAYLOR BENOIT, resident BASS man who’s moving to Oakland this weekend to pursue music and fame! He’ll be at Ralph’s Friday Night if you wanna drop in and give him a good bye and good luck paddling! Duct Tape band might be re-calibrating, but no worries, the music will always be there thanks to Director, GREG McKILLOP! Yosh and Chicken will be reunited again downstairs serving you the freshest in fresh! (Hopefully the Bruins and Canucks will be ties up by this Monday). Thanks always to the Worcester Arts Council for all their support! Nicholas Earl Davis misses you and is thankful that the tornadoes left some things for us to smash in Worcester this Monday Night!

We’ll leave you with some funky space music from our special guests!

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