Monday May 16th! Manchester’s SAM TEITEL likes the Clash, A LOT!!! Musical Guest MATT FOX & Iron Poet Qualifier “Gibbs vs. Wilkes!”

This Monday, Dirty Gerund’s got the rockin’ out moves that’ll make your kindergarten teacher blush then put you on time out! Your poetry Feature, 2011 Manchester Slam Free of Die, Team Member, SAM TEITEL has been a member of two past national slam teams, Manchester, NH in 2008 and Portland, ME in 2009. In 2010 he was the assistant coach for the 2010 Manchester team. He graduated from Hampshire College with a thesis called “Poetry. Performance. Punk Rock.” He’s toured extensively as part of the “No More Rib Cages” Ensemble. Currently living in Manchester, New Hampshire and acting as a host and a heart breaker at the Slam Free Or Die series. He likes coffee, old paperbacks, cartoons, The Clash, and New Orleans. He also has a new collection of poetry, “Survive, Survive, Survive“, published by Bicycle Comics! There’s a book release party and you’re all well connected enough to attend (you know us, and we know Sam, get to know Sam!).

MUSICAL GUEST: MATT FOX – Local acoustic music man’s got a great aesthetic. We’ve been meaning to get this indie folk, ramblin’ road all around good egg to crack songs on our stage for some time. The stars finally aligned and we’re proud to be showcasing his work this Monday! He can kick it with only 5 strings, got involved with music to get a girl friend back when he was 15 and has been getting mad universal love back ever since. Probably more comfortable playing around a camp-fire, Woody Guthrie style, we’ll do the best we can to make the smores tasty under our roof at Ralph’s. Check out video and music over at

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER, “GIBBS vs. WILKES!” – March Gladness Tournament seems so very long ago (hell, it spilled into April), this Monday, Dirty Gerund’s getting back in the chef biz with a qualifier to locate the first contender for IRON POET CHAMPION MELLISA WORSTER’S crown. BOBBY GIBBS got a shot of competitive adrenaline by securing himself a spot on this years slam team, he’s a past champ (longest running champion in fact) and wants back in, feels naked without the title! STEVIE WILKES is a relative new comer to the performance poetry world, but has quickly earned accolades and acclaim from our audiences for well crafted work, delivered with measured, assured tonality (wow, Poetry Magazine, here I come)! This should get rowdy! Guest Bar-Keep ERIC YANKUS FRANCO is stepping in as honorary Chairman as Yosh gets a well deserved day off! Let’s see what the secret ingredient has in store!

Special Guest Visual Artist is booked and is coming from outta town! Outta sight! Email Emilee Morreale HERE by Sunday if you wanna donate snacks! This past Monday, it broke her heart to dish out the rice cakes to you non-donating-enough-mo-fo’s! Let’s get back on a healthier schedule ya’ll! In order to accommodate certain friend’s brithday wishes, we may shake things up a bit with the Duct Tape Band (we’re flexible, maybe not hot yoga flexible, but…), but rest assured music will be an integral part of our open mic brigade of ruckus! Your curator Nicholas Earl Davis has been wrestling with puppies and existential questions this week, so beware, or be scared. I’ve got a hankering to keep this Worcester Arts Council Sponsored, Worcester Magazine “Best of” Poll Winnin’ party going all spring & summer long!


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