Monday 5/9/11 MARC MARCEL troubadors back here! Musical Guest DEAD WRONG! Plus “Nicky’s Super Hero Haiku” Game Show Challenge!

This week we welcome back one of our favorite past features & people, MARC MARCEL, who killed our stage last February! Born and raised in Baltimore MD, Marc’s not only travels the world performing Spoken Word, but he is also a published Novelist, Producer and Public Speaker. Marc, a novelist at heart, started writing poetry in 2000, Atlanta GA, several months after completing the first draft of his first published novel, ‘Saint Thomas,’ in efforts to place a poem at the end of the book that would give the same overall message. Little did he know at the time that he would turn poetry on the Page, into one of the rawest art forms witnessed on Stage. After publishing his first novel, he then published his first book of poetry, ‘Unchained,’ and since has released 15 Spoken Word CDs. Performing in over 150 American Cities and 4 Countries, he has also showcased, performed and/or held workshops for over 50 Universities, with Harvard, Yale, Morehouse and the University of Florida just a few to name. Having made 5 National Television appearances, including Lyrics Café, No Reservations, and a skit for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, he has also graced the stages of many legendary venues, the Smithsonian in Washington DC for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Peace Ball for President Obama, as well as performing for Scion Night at Knots Scary Farm, in front of 12,000 people. Regularly featured in magazines, while making appearances on a number of countless radio stations across the country whether as a guest or having his work played on the air, he still finds time to stay current with his art. Through his performances he captures the emotions and feelings of several issues including politics, love, spirituality, self-revelation and the everyday struggles of life. Candid, thought-provoking, revealing, clever and honest are just a few descriptions of Marc’s work. Check out:

MUSICAL GUEST: Punk Power Trio DEAD WRONG is rocking stages all over town and we’re psyched to be bringing these barn stormers to our stage this Monday! Guitarist CARL “CARLITO” RASMUSSEN, Bassist TYLER “T-BOOTY” BOUTIETTE & Drummer “DANGEROUS” DAN “HOLLYWOOD” ALLEN bring a raw, no-nonsense, honest energy to their new demo-EP “Quinsigamond Girl” – this is Pretty Worcester Punk for Pretty Worcester People! A Band that’s proud to call Worcester Home is bringing their maelstrom to our Monday Night Stage where they fully belong!

VISUAL ARTIST: JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL is a multiple threat talent! A fine poet, she’s recently rocked our minds with a solo musical set, just finished the final touches on the intensely awesome Dirty Gerund Show Ad campaign, postered up all over town, but can also turn your heads with her visual talents as well! She’ll be charcoaling up some memorable images from this Monday’s show, or may just harness all that talent into one signature piece that’s going to make us all famous someday! Either way, we can’t wait to celebrate one of our bestest! Art Auction to follow the show, come get with this collaborative biz already!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “Look Up in the Sky, It’s a Super Hero Haiku Game ShowChallenge! Mastermind (evil or heroic status undetermined as of yet) curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS would like to test your comic book knowledge, via the intricate, delicate poetic form known as haiku. In celebration of all the summer super hero blockbusters coming out soon, Nicholas will expertly synthesize 17 syllable bursts of awesome based on all our favorites, you buzz in and make your best educated guess on what he’s talking about exactly! Winner gets a super-duper prize! Up and at them! Up and adam! Up and att’em!

DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND rocks steady freddy! YOSH & CHICKEN help us wash it all down, party style! Snack volunteers? Contact Czarina Emilee! Students, come on down and blow off that post-final exam steam! Non-students, shame on you, school or not, we should all strive to be students of life! We are WoMag Poll’s best poetry reading series! We are Worcester Arts Council 2011 Grant Recipients! We are not all that impressed with ourselves! We’re not waiting until summer, Sping is here and the time is right, for ruckus in the street! And dancing, lest we forget dancing!


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