Monday May 2nd! Write Bloody Author DAVID PEREZ from San Jose! Musical Guest Bob McKillop! New Helium Challenge! Get lifted!

This Monday’s show at the Dirty Gerund is sure to make some May memories! Our feature DAVID PEREZ travels throughout the United States and beyond performing his written work. A Silicon Valley native, he is committed as much to his own craft as he is to helping others find their voices through the literary and performing arts. As a spoken word artist, he has performed by invitation in hundreds of venues throughout the United States and Canada, sharing stages with Saul Williams, “Mighty” Mike McGee, and members of the performance ensemble Verbobala. He has represented his home town of San Jose, CA at both the Individual World Poetry Slam and the National Poetry Slam.A dedicated teacher, Perez has led poetry outreach programs for youth communities throughout the Silicon Valley, and has coached two poetry slam teams competing in the Brave New Voices Festival. Having earned an MFA in creative writing, he has also given workshops at Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Perez co-hosts The Oversocial Mofo Revue, one of Silicon Valley’s largest ongoing performance art events, combining the biggest names in spoken word with a variety show consisting of the Bay Area’s most talented musicians, poets, jugglers, burlesque dancers and dejected sideshow clowns. He also co-hosts the Summer Slumberfest, a twenty-four hour open mic that uses video chat to present audiences with live performers all over the world. He is a recipient of the Arts Council Silicon Valley Fellowship for Literary Art. His first poetry book Love in a Time of Robot Apocalypse is available from Write Bloody Publishing. David also once received an award in the third grade for his participation in the school play. A pre-printed certificate identical to those of his classmates, it nevertheless caused a dormant bank of neurons to tingle with pride and joy. This may have been the beginning of it all, or just a synapse misfiring. He does not know.

MUSICAL GUEST: BOB McKILLOP – Does that last name sound familiar? Well it should, Musical Director (aka Pope of Music Town’s) proud poppa Bob is a fine singer songwriter making his way down from Portland Maine on tour, and is stopping by on some like father, like son music business. Bob grafts the humor and good nature of Roger Miller onto the sincerity and spirituality of John Denver; he nurtures the resulting musical seedlings with a little Maybelle Carter, Johnny Cash, and Carole King, and then lets them grow into the catalog of acoustic folk and traditional country songs that he’s been working on over the past fifteen years. In April of 2008, Bob McKillop released his debut CD, “Portland Afternoon“, an EP disc that brings six of Bob’s original songs into sharp focus. He began playing his tunes at open mics in Massachusetts in the late 1990’s. After moving to Portland, Maine in late 2003, his development as a songwriter and a performer accelerated significantly, thanks to the supportive musical community in southern Maine. Bob especially credits the Maine Songwriters Association with helping him move his songwriting work into focus in his life. Check out some music at

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the EMILY DICKINSON ON HELIUM Challenge! One of our hit numbers from last year, we’re bringing back the truly wacky with this demented ode to one of the most popular poets of all time. Bring your favorite piece or choose from our selection. Take a mad hit off a helium filled balloon and spit her words in your highest pitch. Poet who keeps it together the best under fire and wins the crowd’s imagination gets a snazzy prize! Because we could not stop for hilarity, it kindly stopped for me, hit that helium tank real hard and entertained us so adequately! I think that’s how that poem goes! Find out this Monday and win!

VISUAL ARTIST – SORANA GATEJ studied Animation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, you can find her behind the desk at That’s Entertainment slinging graphic novels, day-job style, or designing incredible art work for Vemplore Studios here in Worcester! We’re really looking forward to seeing what this incredible artist can do live near stage. Bring them auction dollars to outbid me! I guarantee you I’m going to want this painting!

Dirty Gerund was just named best poetry reading in Worcester Magazine‘s annual poll! Thanks to all those who stuffed that ballot like a Halloween Day Turkey! We are honored and committed (or should be) to producing more quality ruckus! We got new fliers and posters designed by Jessica Lovina O’Neill. Chicken’s Bruins got past Montreal, so there’ll be an extra spring in his spring step! Yosh is grateful for the butterflies. Nicholas Earl Davis is hitting up his first ever open mic reading this friday at Mass Liquors (we hope to see him by Monday!) Get in touch with Snack Time Czarina Emilee for you opportunity to volunteer snacks! The Duct Tape Orchestra is primed and ready to unleash the Chaostroller! Open Mic and more all coming to you this monday!

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