Hey peeps! Work off them Easter/Passover calories by watching, listening and dancing to a great line-up this Monday Night! Our feature is no stranger, VICTOR D. INFANTE is the editor of the online literary journal, “Radius: Poetry From the Center to the Edge,” an editor in the Lifestyles section of “The Worcester Telegram & Gazette” and the author of “City of Insomnia,” a poetry collection from Write Bloody Publishing. His poems and stories have been published in numerous periodicals, including “Pearl,” “Chiron Review,” “The Nervous Breakdown,” “Spillway,” “Word Riot” and “Dark Horizons,” and anthologies such as “Spoken Word Revolution Redux,” “Poetry Slam: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry,” “The Last American Valentine: Poems to Seduce and Destroy,” “Knocking at the Door: Poems For Approaching the Other” and “Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: 10 Years of 2 Idiots Peddling Poetry.” He lives and writes with his wife, the poet Lea Deschenes, and his pet ferret, Kismet, in a triple-decker apartment in Worcester, and owns rather a lot of comic books. We’ll be rocking out to 2 sets, highlighted by a series of new poems celebrating and exploring the author’s early days in the SoCal punk rock scene! One of Worcester’s best writers and editors, you don’t want to miss this!

MUSICAL GUEST – one of Boston’s best and quirkiest, THE SNEAKY MISTER, is a musical side project of JUDITH SHIMMER. From 2007 to 2008, she did a couple little things, it was just sort of silly really. From fall 2008 to May 2009, she was strictly Garage Band pop songs made on an iMac in the Senior Studios building at her college, usually while people were trying to paint. Starting on 16 May 2009, she became a one-song-a-day project using Audacity on Thorpe, my Asus EeePC 901 running Eeebuntu, basically intended to keep her occupied and generate material for her band, The Alphabet, which later dissolved. She keeps a blog because the project is a continuous work in progress and she’d rather let people in on the various song versions and videos and stories and lyrics changes as they happen than release an album all of a sudden and say nothing about it and get no feedback. The name is purposefully misleading because she’s a woman but she’s also a master. Deep down, she believes we are all women. She just graduated from art school near Boston, comes from Ohio, runs around Scotland when she can, and loves adding to her extensive list of inane hobbies.For more check out:

BONUS RUCKUSOriginal Dirty Gerund Sponsored Art Writing Challenge! The art was painted live near stage this past Monday by one of our resident talented bad-asses, co- Arts Director, AARON WHITE! Nicholas Earl Davis was so enthralled and envious that I won the auction, that he wanted to keep this sparkling image in front of his face for another evening! Here’s the scoop! Write a short poem about the work of art (pictured here). Read it at the end of the evening in your most artsiest sass voice and win a special prize. What does this art work elicit in you and your experiences with the Dirty Gerund? What’s it saying? Where are we going? What are you (gulp) feeling? Are we headed for robot apocalypse and if so when (I’d like to know).

CHICKEN & YOSH give as good as they get, treat them well and see how awesome your life gets! Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has a penchant for hiring amazing artists to put together a new promo campaign that should be coming your way by this Monday! EMILEE MORREALE is breathing a sigh of relief that someone donated snack time this past week, saving ya’ll from flavorless rice cake purgatory. Write her by Sunday Night if you’d like to keep the snack philanthropy going this Monday! Dirty Gerund DUCT TAPE ORCHESTRA rocks and bears a striking resemblance to a certain favorite local disbanded band of ours!

We care about your artistic needs, and will therefor leave you with some pretty singing from our Musical Guest!

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