Monday! 4/18/11 MELLISSA WORSTER rocks the trophy! PRETTY DARLING indie rocks us! AARON WHITE gets it down on paint! Plus! POETRY SLAM BINGO?! OK!!!

The stars have aligned, one of our own, MELLISSA WORSTER of the Worcester Worsters will be taking our stage for a feature this Monday! Come celebrate your newest IRON POET CHAMPION, winner of the “March Gladness” Tournament, that saw over 12 poets, 4 prelims, 6 twisted ingredients, one semi-final and one hard fought, uber close championship bout over Worcester’s own Slam Master! Mellissa weathered the storm of words and now wields the ex-caliber, impaling a mountain of books that now serves as the trophy! If that wasn’t timely or exciting enough, you can also come down and thank her for bringing a bonkers upstairs poetry and music presentation to Ralph’s this past Saturday, as 2 time poetry champion Buddy Wakefield graced the upstairs in a show that Mellissa put together! Mellissa served on the very first Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team, (long before the Speakout! Collective), has studied at Framingham State, has been writing prose, poetry and songs, you name it, and has been performing at spots in Worcester for the better part of the last ten years plus! She’s also contributing to the house show/party movement here in Worcester, with her Underground Station Series. This former Miss DG candidate is on a roll, with passionate delivery, strong words, thoughts and ACTIONS hitting out stage for two sets this Monday!

MUSICAL GUESTPRETTY DARLING – Worcester Indie-Pop-Folk-Rock one-man-band-ster BEN GITKIND, has a really interesting project, a couple E.P’s out on BandCamp and a willingness to come down and share his musical swagger this Monday Night! You may remember him rocking out on bass a few months back as part of the Captain Cat musical guest feature slot, now you can enjoy the sweet solo stylings, catchy acoustic hooks and fierce lyrics “And through the window the sky’s gone opaque ~ With both hands on the wheel ~ Feet searching in vain for the breaks ~ So we set our stakes ~ And we make our claims ~ We don’t notice much ~ But we know it’s not the same”  you can totally listen to songs for free or get the new self titles EP at:

VISUAL ARTIST – AARON WHITE – it’s been too long since Aaron’s brought his unique vision to our canvas stage! Aaron has recently accepted an offer to become our co-visual arts director and will be having a lot more to do with what happens on our canvases and auctions at the Dirty Gerund Show. Auction to follow, bring them dollars to walk away with an original piece of art, inspired by the happenings and goings on at the show! Sometimes dark, precise, intensely vivid rich imagery’s taking center stage with one of Worcester’s brightest paint stars! Don’t miss out, forreals!



BONUS RUCKUSPOETRY SLAM BINGO – thanks for persevering through 6 weeks of Iron Poet Zaniness. We were curious to see if this kind of tournament was going to take off, and for the most part, we think people dug it. But, yeah, we’re probably going to go back to our format of one match a month. Too much of a good thing, you know? Speaking of which, POETRY SLAM BINGO – is your chance to win a great prize by simply playing along. Nicholas Earl Davis and I will perform slam poems chock full of all the cliches folks have come to know and love about this amazing art form that sometimes goes badly in the wrong set of hands. Mark the dot on your card corresponding to such classic slam-poet-isms as calling for revolution, beginning a poem through song, or our favorite in New England, talking about that thing beating in your rib-cage. The National Poetry Slam is coming to Boston this August, so we thought we’d acclimate you to certain, uhm, poetic platitudes. Get 5 across or fill a line and yell “SLAM BINGO”!!!

If no-body gets at Snack-Time Czarina Queen, EMILEE MORREALE to volunteer snacktime this week, there will be RICE-CAKES, the nasty, saltless, tasteless ones. Its been 3 weeks of glorious snacks from our biggest booster and we’re not throwing in anymore until somebody else throws in. The DG Duct Tape Band Agrees! We’re just not sure who’ll be rocking it. Its handled, trust us, I’m just not told everything, and that’s the way I likes it! Your Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & Trumpeter LARRY WILSON were jamming on my roof ALL DAY, with promises of a new collaborative piece in the works. I’m brushing off my slam shoes to compete for a spot on this year SLAM TEAM this Sunday Night (you can come down to cheer me if you wanna!) and Greg’s going on tour! Busy times, but we always make time for you all! BRAAAApP!!! Yeah, we’re brought to you in part by the good folks at the Worcester Arts Council!!!

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