BILLY TUGGLE a.k.a. Karma Threesixty is a vocalist, performance poet, mentor, student, and HipHop culturalist. Since 2004, he has been a member of the Chicago multimedia arts collective PolyRhythmic and, in 2009, co-founded the Chicago Four Star Poetry Club with Andi Kauth.  Billy has co-hosted “In One Ear” at the Heartland Café since 2008 with Pete Wolf. As of 2010, Billy is a member of the Arkansas Grand Slam organizing committee. Billy has been published in such anthologies as The Columbia Poetry Review #14, The 16th & Mission Review, Minglewood Haiku and Learn Then Burn. His first chapbook, Conscience Under Pressure, was published by Fractal Edge Press. Since 2004, he has recorded and released 3 CDs: Flawed Glory (Live Mental Graffiti), Syllabalistics 101 with DJ Risky Bizness, and Turnstyles. In the independent film Urban Poet [New Film Productions, 2002], he played himself. Billy has been active in the Temple of HipHop for over a decade. Music and poetry have led him to share stages with Brother Ali, Pevin Everett, the Large Professor, Denizen Kane of Typical Cats, DJ Spinna, Jesse De La Pena, Saul Williams, KRS-ONE and “American Idol” finalist Crystal Bowersox. Billy has represented the Chicago area at the National Poetry Slam 7 years running. Other slam accomplishments include Rustbelt Regional champion- 2006, finalist 2008; Chicago Grand Slam Champion- 2008; NPS semifinalist 2006, 2008; Arkansas Grand Slam finalist and Grand Haikuster- 2009; Lethal Poetry/Chicago Grand Slam Champion 2010. Billy has been a regular volunteer for the Women of the World Poetry Slam, Louder Than A Bomb, the Chicago youth slam, and Brave New Voices. Billy has also appeared in the educational video Literature Launchers for McGraw-Hill. He has performed, facilitated workshops or has just plain spoken to students at or for the University of Chicago; Columbia College (Chicago); Northwestern University; the University of Minnesota; the University of Connecticut; Hampshire College (Massachusetts); the University of California-Santa Cruz; Humboldt State University, and, in addition to other colleges across America, middle and high schools all over Chicagoland. For more check out

MUSICAL GUEST – MIKE KRAFT, a local singer / songwriter fronts a hard edged bluesy rock outfit called ROUGH ASHLAR, is unplugging a set of originals this Monday Night! Mike’s been a DG friend and supporter and we’re psyched that he’s been getting off the motorcycle and gigging a whole bunch lately! We see you! This soulful voice has studied philosophy, digs the Mars Volta and is ready to rock your eye sockets!

VISUAL ARTIST – MATTY HUGHES – likes splitting his pieces into two, canvases that it! This abstract surrealists’ been chomping at the bit to get back on the oils and may very well double canvas an incredible piece for you all this Monday! Bring them action auction dollars, his last couple Dirty Gerund paintings have commanded bids in the $50 range! He’s stepping up, ready to take on co-visual arts directorship with Aaron White, all roads to arts glory will be going through these gentlemen very soon! Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the paint splatter with one of out favorites! Deploy Mega Hi5z!

BONUS RUCKUS – IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH“Bill the Thrill MacMillan vs. Mellisa Worster of the Worcester Worsters” Mellisa took down three top rated competitors in the Iron Poet Semi Finals last week and has got her eye on the newly revamped trophy and the $100 March Gladness Tournament Prize! Bill MacMillan has been patiently awaiting the outcome and will be ready to do poetic battle in his first title defense! 3 pieces, 3 judges, 3 categories and 9 scores will decide who’s got the Iron Will based on our Chairman Yosh Shartin’s secret ingredient! Glory! We honor you!

The show ran late last week. We’d love to start earlier in the evening, so get down to Ralph’s by 9pm to sign up on the open moc list, grab your burger and away we go! Snack-Time’s up for grabs! Contact Snacktime Czarina Emilee Morreale if you’d like to donate! Keep in Mind, if she goes three weeks in a row of providing snacks, the following week, we step in and you get rice cakes, the generic, flavorless, unsalted variety. She’s whipped up the yumminess two weeks straight, so this is make or break time people! House Band will duct tape together again! Nick’s getting dressed up this weekend to receive his grant award from the Worcester Arts Council! Yosh and Chicken still want him to pay his tab! New Add Campaign getting set to unleash soon! Nick misses you or something!

We will leave you with an awesome poem from this Monday’s Feature!

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