Monday 4/4/11 IRON POET MARCH GLADNESS SEMI’s! Plus DANE KUTLER from Seattle & DANGEROUS PONIES from Philly!!!

In college, DANE KUTTLER became a regular at the Hampshire Slam Collective, and participated in the first-ever Women of the World Poetry Slam in Detroit, MI.  After a long summer tour, and some time in the NYC area, Dane relocated to Seattle in April 2009. Since her arrival, she has become a Seattle Poetry Slam regular, competed in several national-level slams, become a Write Bloody finalist, completed 365 poems in 365 days as part of the 2010 poem-a-day project and published over a dozen poems.  She also published her first collection of poems, Born of Accidents, in 2011. Her poetry is often lyrical and narrative, exploring themes of Jewish and queer identities, with a lot of love poems to her grandparents.  The most common format for her work is the exploration of a relationship between two people that connects to broader political and social themes.   She has featured in coffee shops, living rooms, libraries, back porches and the occasional auditorium, but her favorite venue has always been her first – a dilapidated tree house with sixteen stuffed animals for an audience. Find out more about the poet HERE

MUSICAL GUESTDANGEROUS PONIES is a 8 piece queer and allied band from Philadelphia, slathered in gold and rainbows. They play indie pop/rock/carnival hijacked by kinder gardeners music where everyone sings. They are designed to make electric sing alongs, and rock dance along jams. They recently released they’re debut EP ‘Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie’ at the philly aids thrift warehouse, followed by extenstive promotion and an east coast tour. They are in the process of working on they’re full length self titled album set to be released in the summer of 2010.  And have plans of a full US tour upon that release.  In the meantime they are working on crafting songs, fun photo shoots, a music video for when you’re in town, and various other arts related projects probably having something to do with gems, glitter, dancing, community, and good times. For more check em out HERE

VISUAL ARTISTHOLLY WOOD – Worcester Native and current Westboro Resident is comig down to join the collaborative mix and toss some paints around some canvases (well, there’s probably more to it than that). She’s co-producer of Disposable Landmark Films and their film Secret Shopper, and has story publications to her credits (Zylon Publishing). Let’s see what the brushes will tell us about this multi-faceted local artist. Bring them cash dollars for an art auction!

BONUS RUCKUS – IRON POET MARCH GLADNESS SEMI-FINALS – Top 4 finishers from our preliminaries battle it out for the right to face Champ BILL MacMILLAN for $100 and the newly renovated trophy on April 11th! Competing will be SEAN SHEA, ASLAN KING, COWBOY MATT HOPEWELL and MELISSA WORSTER! These local stalwarts are gonna wreak verbal havoc all over our stage, three concoctions based on an ingredient chosen by our demented and heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Pleace your bets! Step right up!

HOUSE BAND RE-SHUFFLING CONTINUES – We find duct tape works best! GREG McKILLOP‘s gonna snare us some beats, TAYLOR BENOIT slappsa da bass, and special guest, local NEMES violin legend JOSH KNOWLES, has just turned 21 and is gonna dip his toe into this magical mash-up! Can you say wow? Nick’s churning out the FB invites like wow! I should have a full night’s sleep like wow! Yosh and Chicken are unimpressed with all the wow! They are impressed with tips (the kind Steve Martin’s character gave out in My Blue Heaven). Because the Iron Poet matchup has 4 poets, we may trim a slot or two off the open mic, so make sure you get there early to sign up! Sheet goes up at 9pm. Nick misses you alreadskies!

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