Monday! 3/28/11 ADAM STONE picks our brains! JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL applies melodic salves! PLUS IRON POET FINAL “March Gladness Tourny” PRELIM!

Snowflakes and sunlight? Ah, the duality of almost spring! We love juxta-positioning in Worcester! Dirty Gerund enjoys balancing the joy and pain, the words and song, the paint and off kilter jokes. This week’s poetry feature, ADAM STONE is the Clark Kent to the gay blogger world’s Insafemode. A cagey veteran of the spoken word/slam scene in New England, Adam veered away from poetry for a couple of years to start journaling about his occasionally sordid lust life as a single, out gay man with questionable standards.  Adam was Cape Cod’s Spoken Word Poet laureate from 2000-2007, and was the longest reigning Champion of Champions at The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, where he now presides over the bar and one-liners every Wednesday Night.  He’s been a member of nine slam teams representing Cape Cod, Boston Cantab, Boston Lizard Lounge, and the People’s Republic of Vermont.  He’s also the 2005 Boston Haiku Champion, and has represented The Boston Lizard Lounge at the Individual World Poetry Slam.  As a member of the Poetry Is Gay Slam Team in 2003, he got his gay ass whooped by Amazon Slam Team.  He’s waiting for a rematch. Adam’s crazy prolific, pound for pound one of the best writers in the area and we’re glad we’re finally bringing his powerful, irreverently brainy words to our stage!

MUSICAL GUEST: JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL – no stranger to our stage. Jessica’s a very talented poet, singer, songwriter, graphic designer, photographer and Chicken Wrangler (ha! she’s bar-man Chicken’s better half, WAYYYYY better if you want my humble opinion and you always do! braaaaAAAAP! JK) Jessica’s a Mass College of Art Graduate, Miss Dirty Gerund Runner Up, has been a part of several musical projects, sang alongside one incarnation of the TickleBomb Orchestra Squad, and is bringing her lovely voice to Ralph’s this Monday for a set of what we’re sure will be sweet and super songs!

BONUS RUCKUSIRON POET “MARCH GLADNESS” TOURNAMENT FINAL PRELIM – This Tournament is making news, check today’s T&G Article documenting Worcester’s growing awareness of the Ruckus! Dirty Gerund Regulars, we ask you not to abuse the flocks of new fans! There’s room for everyone! (I think). This is last preliminary time ya’ll! Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS wants the belt in the most cliched WWE wrestling way (I tried to tell him its a trophy and not a belt, but…. ugh) Standing in his way of another shot at glory, are none other that MELISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters) and Providence & Boston Slam Poetry Veteran, CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON! (pictured) Chairman YOSH SHARTIN is asking when this will end, he’s running out of people to bestow Secret Ingredient Picking Duties to. Winner faces off against ASLAN KING, SEAN SHEA and COWBOY MATT HOPEWELL next week! Battle ????? commence!

Mad re-organization is afoot and ahead of us! More later. We sadly and reluctantly accept CHUCK SHIMKUS‘ resignation as house drummer. GREG McKILLOP is gonna keep the beat alongside TAYLOR BENOIT and LARRY WILSON this Monday! Clark University’s TAK MOGUL, former Poetry Feature is going to take an educated stab at visual arts this Monday, bring cash or credit for the art auction! Snack Time is open, hit us back if you want to be a provider! Yosh and Chicken want raises and deserve them, I’ll raise my glass to that! National Poetry Month is almost here and you need to get primed! You can help us help you do that this Monday!

We’ll leave you with some good words from our feature!

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