DIRTY GERUND coming at you kinda HARD this Monday Night with the BREAK A BRANCH OFF THE CRAZY TREE & BEAT YOUR D@#K TO DEATH WITH IT! TOUR an indie hip hop line-up returning from a 2 week odyssey. These friend-cees (oooh, see what i did!) came together to travel down to a Austin Texas South by Southwest Hip Hop Showcase, making stops all the way down and back to spread the word! The tour stops here this Monday Night. JESSE DANGEROUSLY is a rap legend from Halifax, Nova Scotia! (he’ll tell ya!) He’s been making rap for more than half of his 31 years.  He has released five solo albums, and toured Canada and the US.  A disciple of 1988 to 1994 “golden era” hip hop, Dangerously’s influences include the lilting hyperspeed of Chip Fu; the pop culture whirlwind of Das Efx; the indignant and unabashed political overtones of Public Enemy; the intricate rhyme schemes of Lord Finesse; and the cocky arrogance of teenaged LL Cool J or Fresh Prince. After more than a decade spent carving out a place for himself in the Halifax hip hop scene, Jesse relocated to Ottawa in 2007. H.W. aka HAZARDOUS WASTES is paving his own path in the Boston hip hop scene with countless shows under his belt, H.W. brings us his newest effort, A Year’s Worth of Worry. This release is a cohesive collection of songs that share his vivid stories of life’s challenges. Once again, H.W. shows the hip hop community how he contributes to the Boston scene with a truly unique style of rap that is serious and insightful yet cynical and sarcastic. His lyrics often portray him as a sensitive person — but the intense honesty he puts behind each track maintains his hard edge. Rounding out this bill is none other than our very own SHANE HALL Dirty Gerund House Band Originator, TickleBomb Band Leader, Renaissance Man Galore can also spit hot fiyah! following his love for hip hop onto the stage – opening for notable indie hip hop artists Sage Francis, Mr. Lif and Aesop Rock with his close friend DJ Merf. This influence can clearly be heard in the hip hop inspired production behind his collaboration with Strange Famous Records recording artist Buddy Peace on their rendition of Eno’s brilliant “The Fat Lady of Limbourgh”. Always an energetic performer, he quickly gained a reputation as someone to watch in the Providence area, self-releasing a hip hop album titled “Malice in Wonderland” in 2001 to a warm reception. These three have been touring non-stop and could use a good party to help them celebrate the end of a successful tour, let’s hook ’em up! Break a Branch!

MUSICAL GUEST: CHRIS McNAMARA – co SOUND IN STONE front man and guitarist is a Holden Native and current Bostononian Busker who’s willing to come twang a few well strummed tunes this Monday. He’s no stranger to our stage or Ruckus in general, but this will be his first featured spotlight at our show! He’s coming down as a special request of Mr. Curator to help him celebrate his birthday in style! His sweet sounds should be a welcome foil to all this blazing hip hoppity ness!

VISUAL ARTIST: ZAK FINN is a misanthrope, albeit a very polite one. The former MUNGFIENDS verbal abuser/guitarist/bassist has been further plotting his scheme for world domination by pursuing acting. His credits include the lead role of the Maniac in the 2008 QCC production of Dario Fo’s The Accidental Death of an Anarchist and as “Barry” in the locally produced comedy Boyband from AA Films. Zak’s interest in artwork has been a major part of his life and it has earned him a place as a co-conspirator with local skateboard company WHA’ HAPPEN? As always bring them auction dollars as Nick verbally whisks you away in Art Auction Land.


BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET MARCH GLADNESS TOURNAMENT PRELIMINARY #3 – Just who will join SEAN SHEA and ASLAND KING in the April 11th Semi-Finals? JEFF SIEGRIST is a former Youth Poetry Slam rebel legend still getting used to his 21 year old privileges! SARAH SAPIENZA is poetry slam vet, co-host of Sunday Poets Asylum readings and a possesses a razor sharp wit! COWBOY MATTHEW HOPEWELL can stretch a guitar solo and surrealist image words longer than plastic man! All three of these local competitors can think quick, write quicker and wouldn’t mind a shot at the title! Chairman YOSH SHARTIN is preparing a new ingredient to spark these intrepid imaginations and our insatiable word blood lust! HORNS!!!!! Word has it we might get some press coverage for this one!

BEERS FOR BEARDS are tuning their instruments. YOSH & CHICKEN are tuning theirs out! SPRING and NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’ BIRTHDAY ARE ALMOST HERE! EMILEE MORREALE has been named Official Dirty Gerund Snack Time Czar Queen, more information to come on just what that means. OPEN MIC’s have been filling up quick lately! Get there by 9pm to assure yourself a place in the pantheon! We really thought we saved Hip Hop last time, but you know, it could always use more saving? n’a mean?

HERE’S SOME H.W. live!

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