Monday, 3/14/11 The Iron Poet Bracket Racket Continues! Plus! SEAN SHEA & DANI RED!!!

This Monday! Dirty Gerund ignores all these Ides of Something Warnings as we grind out another stellar presentation to keep us captivated and captive (if necessary)! Never mind the lost hour of sleep & St. Paddy’s hangover this weekend, we’ll revive all you drowsy-eyed-yawners with a snap crackle kapow show! Our poetry feature is no stranger to our stage. Winner of last week’s Iron Poet Preliminary Match, SEAN SHEA, is lucky to have one of the world’s best lives. Born in Detroit and raised in small towns. Everything on four legs finds him irresistible, though an ostrich attack early in life has cemented his problems with two legged creatures. In real life he has taught electronic music, run election campaigns, been a scribe, a projectionist, pinball hustler, a dot com-er, a broadcaster, worked for dead people, hip-hop tech support, and ran an award winning pie company. He has made the National Poetry Slam Finals twice, once on the 1997 Worcester Slam team, and the 1996 Champion Providence Team profiled in the documentary film Slam Nation. He is a Soul Man, Slam Veteran and Coach, a Scorpio born in the year of the cock on Georgia O’Keefe’s Birthday. He has drum machines older than your mother and library fines bigger than your paycheck. So there. He’s a recent Worcester Transplant, but his wander lust may take him somewhere else sooner than we think, so lets celebrate this cerebral, chant ranter who can make a story about buying a Moose Head more entertaining than whatever is on TV Monday Nights!

MUSICAL GUEST: DANIELLE STAPLES aka DANI RED is bringing her gorgeous voice and soothing siren songs to us this Monday! A literal “staple” (ugh puns, I know) on the local open mic scene for the past few years, this Worcester North High Grad has been staking a bigger musical claim lately, working the circuit, having just featured at a new all folk line-up showcase at Leitrims recently. We could get behind some mellow melodies from this rising up and comer. We’re sure you can too!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET MARCH GLADNESS TOURNAMENT! The Bracket Racket Continues! The FB trash talk is getting outta hand, so we’re souped to be getting our second match up underway! SEAN SHEA brought the fire last week, ousting two sterling performers in McKendy Fills Amie & Danielle Carriveau to win BATTLE “ACE OF SPADES.” He moves on to the March 28th semi-finals. Who else will be joining him you ask? Well come down this Monday and witness the madness, i mean, gladness (gotta watch for them copyrite infringements). Resident tribe elder JEFF CANNON will take on local LowZ Records Word & Rhyme Sherpa ASLAN KING. Added to this mix, Providence Gun Slinger, Boston Slam Vet and past feature MARLON CAREY will be making his way up Rt 146 to try to claim a shot at the title! What will Chairman YOSH SHARTIN bring to the secret ingredient table? Who will prevail? Will someone forget to show because of the consequences inherent in bad college basketball betting? All these answers and maybe more will be provided Monday Night!

Word has it CHRIS DENMEAD is handling Snack Time this week! Visual Artist to be announced shortly! BEERS FOR BEARDS are becoming less a house band and more a way of life every week! Larry, Chuck & Taylor have been killing it lately, melding ever so effortlessly with the gaggles of guest music makers who’ve been locking horns with our collaborative fun. Yosh and Chicken will take turns serving you drinks as they feverishly attempt to end the NFL Lockout all by themselves! Multi-tasking! Your Curator Nicholas Earl Davis approves this message and can’t wait to hug you in person! You don’t want to be the only one separated from the fun, do you?  well, do you? I’m not saying Charlie Sheen is definitely going to be there, but the way the ruckus has been going lately, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised! BRRRRRAP!

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