MONDAY! The Dirty Gerund’s stepping up our campaign to bring Spring Time BACK from wherever it’s hiding with another hot show! The talent pipe-line from the Bay Area in California is in full effect as we welcome another Nor-Cal Star!

KIM JOHNSON is on tour and on fire! After six years on the slam poetry and spoken word circuit. Kim has been a member of several slam teams and toured the US many times over, performing at slam venues, clubs, colleges and festivals. In 2010 she finished in the top ten at the Individual World Poetry Slam competition and completed her first European poetry tour with performances in Germany, Spain, Austria and The Netherlands. She was the co-coach of the 2010 San Francisco Slam team ranked third in the nation at the National Poetry Slam. A poet mentor for both Youth Speaks San Francisco and Lyrical Minded, Kim currently teaches writing and performance workshops at high schools and title one neglected schools, group homes and mental health facilities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve been watching this word jenga slinging, powerhouse surrealist lyric-lover’s reputation grow over the years and we’re beyond souped to welcome her to the 5-0-8!

ONCE AGAIN DOUBLE MUSICAL GUESTSHANE HALL – Worcester’s newest part time Worcesterite is so many things to so many people. DG Music Director (Don’t Hate the Hiatus, Hate the Game!) TickleBomb Band Leader, Rapper, Writer, Singer, candle burn at both ender! He’s currently preparing for a 2 week Rap Tour Odyssey down to Austin Texas for a special showcase at the annual SXSW music festival w/ Hazardous Waste & Jesse Dangerously, the tour is called The “Break a Branch off the Crazy Tree and Beat Your Dick to Death with it” Tour, kicking off in Cambridge, Thursday March 10th! (got my tickets, you?) Shane is preparing himself for the tour by channeling the raw power and duality of Charlie Sheen! Only true artists find this kind of inspiration, Heart of Darkness Style! We’re not quite sure what Shane’s bringing to the stage this Monday, but we can guarantee there will be some kind of hat involved! as always for all (or most) of your Shane Hall Needs! He’ll be closing the show! THIS JUST IN, WE’LL ALSO BE SPOTLIGHTING another local singer song writer, ARI CHARBONNEAU!!! You can find out about her and listen to some music at!

BONUS RUCKUSIRON POET MARCH GLADNESS BEGINS! Gauntlet thrown down! We offered $100 tournament prize. Ya’ll have responded! The first of our 3 poet prelim matches start this Monday Night as the locals vie for the right to take on the Newly Crowned IRON POET CHAMPION, BILL MACMILLAN! Same deal, 3 poetic concoctions, 3 judges scoring on 3 criteria and one tasty secret ingredient. Now with more poet, to accommodate all of ya’lls, we’ve added a third poet to the cake batter to make things more interesting! First preliminary match-up is between, former National Poetry Slam Champ SEAN SHEA, 2009 Worcester Slam Team Member DANIELLE CARRIVEAU, plus her team mate from that year and current Manchester New Hampshire Slam Beast, McKENDY FILLS-AMIE, all will step up to do battle! Let’s see who has the culinary chops to deal with YOSH SHARTIN‘s secret ingredient!

Our good friend JENNY ISME has just agreed to be our guest visual artist this week, so bring them art auction dollars or the doll gets it (not really)! Yosh and Chicken are still collecting prize winnings from the Office Oscar Pool! House Band BEERS FOR BEARDS will be back at the helm and looking for work in all the wrong places! Snack-Time might have a Mardi Gras Feel without all them misogynistic beads getting stuck in the teeth of your conscience! Nick Davis is ready to pounce like a tiger, or on a tiger, or around? (I really don’t listen anymore). sigh….

we’ll leave you with some video from this week’s feature!

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