MONDAY Feb 28th – DG says good bye to February and Hello to ART w/ JEN G, BINARY MARKETING SYSTEM & LUSHES! PLUS The “Romperoom of Doom!” Challenge!

Last week was amazing! So we thought we’d keep amazing alive, cause honestly, once you get amazing, you get greedy and just want more! Our poetry feature, Jennifer Gigantino, JEN G is a writer, filmmaker and aspiring hypothetical former marina trench explorer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has represented San Jose and Santa Cruz at the Individual World Poetry Slam and the National Poetry Slam, respectively, been published in venues ranging from literary journals to erotic magazines to websites about sobriety, and featured around the Western United States both alone and as one-half of the poetry duo The Pincushion Orchestra. She also comprises one half of the experimental horror film production duo No-Penis Productions, who were the winners of the 2008 Viscera Award for their film “The Date.” She has never been in the Navy. Check out her work at:

MUSICAL GUESTS – Not one, but two this week! Touring bands The BINARY MARKETING SHOW & LUSHES hail from New York and are touring the East Coast together, double billing, filling our ears with experimental, ambient, haunting sounds both during the musical feature spot and after the show! We’re super psyched to get a little super weird. Check out some sounds at! Abram Morphew  & Bethany Carder’s (the two members of the Binary Marketing Show) biography reads like something out of new agey Tolken, their music mystical, ethereal, the soundtrack for a film I’d probably drive to Cambridge to see! We’re really looking forward to what these traveling music nymphs have to bring to our stage! They made their own flier and everything!

VISUAL ARTISTKEV H, one of our local FYC crew yucksters may or may not have found true love a couple weeks back as the bachelor for our DEAD END DATING SHOW, perhaps he will take to the canvas and expose his true feelings about his impending date with house melodica man, Larry Wilson! These two bro’s should be going to a movie soon on our dime! We want stories, but meanwhile, we’ll settle for the visual stylings of Mr. Hurstak. As always, bring them auction dollars, you may walk away with a unique and memorable heirloom of your monday visit!

BONUS RUCKUSCHOOSY MOMS CHOOSE US! This is our last original ruckus, before we get all March Madness on this Iron Poet Biz!DG  Curator Nicholas Earl Davis, just can’t keep fun out of his mouth and has challenged ya’ll to something new! The “Romper Room of Doom!” Stuff things in your mouth and talk Challenge! Crackers, marshmallows, hell fire habanero’s! Nick can’t get enough of challenging himself and all of you to get weird! In celebration of the end of winter vacations for the little tykes, Nick’s thrown down the challenge of reading classic children’s poems… wait for it… with a honking glob of Peanut Butter in your mouth. The one who can best express innocent sentiments while dealing with the madness will win something appropriate, maybe a carton of juice boxes to help you wash the shame down! 

THE CELTICS TRADED PERK & NATE! I AM SAD! YOSH and CHICKEN may be sad about this too, come down, buy things and tip them well and maybe they’ll get over the Celtic’s lack of interior defense! House Band BEERS FOR BEARDS are too busy breaking beats and bass lines to notice! SNACK TIME is up for grabs! Hit us up! Open Mic sign-up at 9pm! Get there early, buy a burger and make sure you make that list! This show could get trippy. Nicholas Earl Davis is preparing himself for future taco eating contests! Guess who’s apartment he’s not crashing at that night! This show could get wickid arty! No party without arty! Tell your (p)arty friends! If you want a sneak peak at Jenn G’s poetry, check out the Poet’s Asylum Sunday Night at 7pm, where she’ll be featuring.

For more on THE BINARY MARKETING SHOW just watch!

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