Ok! It’s official! We’ve flipped our lids and gone officially OVERBOARD for this Monday’s show! “When you perform you are supersonic, and in the stratosphere, where you can see that the Earth really is a ball, moist, blue-green. You sing and chant for all of us. Nobody gets left out.” are the words used to describe our feature, REGIE GIBSON by none other than KURT VONNEGUT, a guy who knew a little something about a thing or two. Originally hailing from the Chicago Area, Regie has lived in Boston for the past several years and we’ve convinced this poetic powerhouse to pay us a visit! 1998 National Poetry Slam Individual Champion, he and his work have been featured in the New Line Cinema Film, “Love Jones,” starring Larenz Tate & Nia Long. He’s a professional poet, educator and workshop facilitator who has lectured, performed on two continents and 7 countries, most recently Cuba. Has performed in Symphony Halls, has worked with everyone from Amiri Baraka to Mos Def. Widely published, his first full length book, “Storms Beneath the Skin,” was published by EM Press in 2001. For a more comprehensive, impressive biography, click HERE! This man will blow the doors off your ears with incredibly crafted work and swagger to spare!

MUSICAL GUESTFANG NOIR – this local power pop punk trio, fronted by Dave Paquette, caught Nick Davis’ eye a few weeks back at a Hotel Vernon Show, so we invited these Worcester Based jump-meisters in to help us shake our proverbial thangs this Monday Night. These guys are getting out there, with a featured spot coming up soon at the Firehouse, and we want in on the ground floor. Check out their page at to get a listen!

VISUAL ARTIST – TODD RAWLEY – Graduating from Framingham State College with a major in Visual Art in 2005, Rawley continues to focus his creative energies on abstract impressionist painting as well as graphic design. He is currently expanding his body of abstract works for exhibition while advancing his endeavors in logo design for marketing and branding. Rawley’s freelance graphic design clients include Andrews McMeel Publishing, Stratus Technologies and SeaChange International. He was recently nominated to the board of directors at ARTSWorcester in Worcester, MA. Rawley’s art work has been shown in galleries around Massachusetts and his designs have been featured in a wide variety of publications throughout New England. WEBSITE:

BONUS RUCKUSSpecial IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP GRUDGE MATCHGibbs vs. Macmillan” Current Champion BOBBY GIBBS wants his dream challenge, called out our friend Worcester Poetry Slam-Master BILL MACMILLAN (, the Sunday Night Poetry Series ya”ll should also be checking out), and the gauntlet has been thrown down! Next Month, Dirty Gerund is going to go crazy March Madness, with a cash tournament to crown our next champion, bracket tournament style, but as his last request, Bobby wanted to take on the wily poetry slam veteran. Bill’s going to take a break from his job pounding dents out of medieval armor to accommodate our brash champion’s wishes. Me and Nick have money on this one! You should too. 2 poets, 3 original poetic improv concoctions, 3 judges, 3 categories and one insidious secret ingredient, to be dreamed up by our Chairman Yosh Shartin! This could get kinda Highlander! (Bill does wear kilts from time to time!) Champ gets what he wants, but I’m not sure he wants this! Las Vegas hasn’t gotten back to me yet on the over under for all of you gamblin types, but when Iron Poets step to the ring, we all win!

SNACK TIME is up for grabs. FRIDAY, FEB 18th, Me and Nick are rocking a show at the Raven with Ticklebomb, Sound in Stone and more! Check out the event details here. Beers for Beards will be reunited and rocking with us. There might be a special cover or two in tow. We are anxiously awaiting details from Kev H & Larry Wilson’s “movie date”! Yosh and Chicken are getting mighty tired of all the business we bring on Mondays, not really. Tip them like they were your Valentine! Tip us too! It’s getting warmer out there, so we thought we’d get warmer too! Nick misses you steady already! And to your left, a photo of one of the most daper melodica solos you will ever hope to see on a Monday Night! LARRY WILSON!

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