Monday Feb 14th / Valentine’s Day? Meh! DIRTY GERUND’s got something for everyone! SHANE HAWLEY on tour from St. Paul! LYDIA FORTUNE seranades & THE DEAD END DATING GAME!

Yeah Valentine’s Day! Whoooopedeeedoooooo! Right? Greeting card companies have been salivating all year long, working overtime to abscond with your hard earned pay, barraging every corner of our popular culture with “go get some lovey dovey!” Well what if you just don’t feel like it? What if you’re not in the mood to spend the evening going on one of these “dates” (that’s what the kids still call it right?) What if you just want to show some love to yourself and a wacky arts community that wants to love itself back and have some fun?! Well, have no fear, THE DIRTY GERUND has an evening planned for you! Couples, Singles, Friends with special arrangements! All are welcome to come join in our particular brand of fun house mirrors! Your feature SHANE HAWLEY is a spoken word artist and comedian from Saint Paul Minnesota. He won the 2010 National Poetry Slam as a member of Saint Paul’s Soapboxing Poetry Slam Team, and is a four time member of the Minneapolis SlamMN Slam Team from 2002-2005. His work is an amalgam of sweet nothings, shock humor, and subtly clever writing that connects with an audience like a fist to the solar plexus. I’ve seen this man perform on the west coast and he engages like a tornado, a funny tornado. Smart, irreverent, mad cap, this cat commands the stage and shakes you till you get it! This is his first time visiting the 5-0-8, so we’re looking forward to some of that mid-west mind set. He’s promised a love poem or two, but I think we’ll just ask him to do the poems he loves the best!

MUSICAL GUESTLYDIA FORTUNE – local legend of the Worcester Jazz and Folk Scenes, this singer/songwriter enjoys writing songs that borrow elements from folk, pop, blues and jazz…and life. With several CD’s out, including ‘Married to the Road‘ that blends original tunes from her first CD ‘Songs from the Road‘(2002) with originals from the CD ‘All Over the Map‘(2003). The title cut ‘Married to the Road’ is an autobiographical comment on the profound impact that being raised as an army brat had on her life. It is a tribute to those individuals who – even through the best of efforts and years of putting down roots and creating solid friendships and memories – still experience the uncertainty of never quite having found the place that finally feels like home. We’re super excited that she currently calls Worcester home. You can buy her record HERE or take a gander at great songs on her MYSPACE page. You may very well recognize Lydia, who regularly attends the Gerund with her sweetheart Jeff Cannon, but I bet ya didn’t know she’s got songs this sweet!

BONUS RUCKUS – THE RETURN OF THE “DEAD END DATING GAME!” Cue the cheezy music! Ok fine! They say “third time’s the charm,” but we gave up on finding Nicholas Earl Davis true love after two tries. Time to expand the movement and give our exasperated version of Cupid a chance to find possible romance and maybe a few laughs this Monday! We had four excellent candidates send questions to see who could raise the most ruckus, our panel of anonymous judges chose KEVIN HURSTAK as our victim, i mean, dating game bachelor!  This FYC stalwart and local comedian has been bringing the yucks to our open mics the past few weeks. His pals put him up to this, so he applied because he’s “weak of will,” which can come in mighty handy in this ever so complicated world of dating! We will have printed surveys on hand for three lady contestants who’d enjoy the opportunity to win a movie date with Kevin on us. A few twists and turns, hilarity and just maybe a romance connection will ensue!

Visual Artist to be announced soon! BEERS FOR BEARDS will be minus one CHUCK on drums this Monday (we respect it Chuck! have a great evening!) We’re gonna duct tape together some fine musical accompaniment. Greg’s talking to me like Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction (“You ain’t got no problem Jules, I’m on the M@$%#@ F#^$%#$”). SNACK TIME is available for anybody who wants to show us all culinary love! Yosh and Chicken have noticed the increase in Hockey Fights as we get close to Valentines Day (observant lads indeed)! Nicholas Earl Davis’ hair is getting long and he’s doing amazing Flock Of Sea Gulls things with it! Dirty Gerund’s on a roll! Let’s keep the poetic love ruckus rolling!

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