SUBMIT – DG needs Bachelor / Bachelorette for Monday’s “DEAD END DATING GAME” – You have 2 days!

What’s up Dirty Gerunders? This Monday Night’s Show’s gonna be great, but we need a few of you to help us make it greater! We are turning over the third installment of the DEAD END DATING GAME to you!

On two occasions last year, we tried to set Nicholas Earl Davis up on a date, turning his lonely lonely emo wishes TOTALLY ASKEW by selecting contestants who would never really date him, yet could rock a set of absurd questions from our unflappable blindfolded inquisitor, all for the sake of our general amusement. Good times were had indeed. The second game went even nuttier, as we enlisted spoken word poets to interpret the answers on stage, adding dramatic, Christopher Walken-esque antics when needed.

HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN! We are looking for one Bachelor or Bachelorette to apply for the vaulted spot at the top of our Valentine’s Day Bonus Ruckus. Send us a list of 10 ridiculous (and possibly poetic) questions you’d want prospective dates to answer. The candidate with the zaniest collection of questions will receive a Valentine’s Day Prize and will star in the third installment of our dating show. We will do our best to find 3 singles in the audience to play along and hey you may even find some love. We’re all hoping to find some laughs.  Send us your name, short bio (what do you do, what do you like, hobbies, etc) and your list of questions by Wednesday Night, Midnight, for consideration. If nobody does, hey, we’ll just clown Nick again. Send applications to:

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