Monday Jan 31st, JAY WALKER poets us! DALLAS HIGGINS sings us! ASHLEY TUCKER paints us! And the “HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE!”

JASON E. “JAY” WALKER is a stage & indie film actor from Rhode Island, a state too small to really worry about which city/town/region he’s from. He’s been writing poetry – mainly spoken word & haiku/senryū – since high school & getting naked in public, figuratively & literally, since 1993. He’s a three-time (so far) finalist for the Providence Poetry Slam® team, making first alternate the third time in ’98; he’s also hosted a few poetry readings in his home state. His first two chapbook publications sold out of their first printings; he’s since had two collections officially published, one through Publish America & the other through The Merry Blacksmith Press. He’s currently the Poetry Coordinator for the SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival in Providence every April, the producer for the Providence 48 Hour Film Project in July for the RI Film Collaborative &, just when you think he does enough, also has ULC minister on his résumé. By the way, he totally rocks the semi-colon; he hopes you’ve been paying attention. He has one son, who dreams of being a video game designer but also has some great dance moves … yes, the boy’s name really is Luke Sky.

MUSICAL GUEST: DALLAS HIGGINS is a singer songwriter from Norton,          Massachusetts who performs under the solo act moniker, Surrounding Ships, and also fronts Taunton Based Ambient Indie Rock Outfit, Foredoes me Quite, drawing inspiration from Radiohead, Beatles, U2 and Smashing Pumpkins. I’ve seen Dallas perform recently as part of the Dead of Wintour’s final dates at Arcadia College outside Philly and as featured headliner at the new open mic series at the English Club in Worcester. Excellent voice, excellent tunes, excellent DIY attitude and he’s got pretty eyes, if you’re into that kind of thing!

Jay’s been to the Gerund before, but this will be Dallas’ first performance at the Dirty Gerund. We’re psyched to be bringing him here for the first time! Dig the new talent!

VISUAL ARTIST – ASHLEY TUCKER – The young lady who started it all. A few months ago, she posted some really amazing pics of her work on FaceBook. I commented with some positive feedback and mid-type, it hit me, that we should be inviting amazing visual artists down to the Dirty Gerund to do their thing. It went soooo well that first night in fact, that we have to keep it going, the ART Auction now becoming one of my favorite parts of the show. Ashley really nailed the energy of that evening onto canvas, incorporating hauntingly beautiful images evoked from the work that was happening on stage that evening. So we invited her back and are looking forward to another collaborative experience! Bring dollars and you may be able to bid, win and bring home an incredible souvenir from your visit. DG also has a credit card machine in case you feel like maxing out!

BONUS RUCKUS & SNACK-TIME COMBINED!Dr. Gonzo’s Uncommon Condiment Emporium presents the second annual “HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE!!!” J. Stuart Esty is well on his way to becoming one of our favorite Worcester People! Local Business Man, Roadkill Orchestra Band Leader, self confessed “wall flower” and maker of all condiments that aren’t boring! This man’s been in the uncommon condiments biz since 1997, now operating out of an Emporium at 122 Main Street, downtown, across from the New Courthouse! The man who’s brought us great tunes, imaginative grilling challenges, tasty recipes and spice to our life is coming down to help us thaw out of these hear winter doldrums. THE CHALLENGE, there will be multiple levels of “oh my that’s HOT!” shots you’re gonna need to consume, then read a Shakespeare Sonnet out loud. Let’s see how fast and audible you can do it, let’s see who can rock it with least amount of tearing. There’s gonna be several layers of criteria to see who’s got the iron tongue! A panel of judges will select the bravest winner for a prize pack from the Good Doctor Himself! Habanero Mash Anyone?!!!! SNACK-TIME, we’re working in conjunction with Dr. Gonzo to let everyone get a taste of something great, even if you can’t handle the fire!

It snows all the time, we get it. We’re used to it. We don’t let it get us down! Come down and get down with us this Monday! Yosh and Chicken got the finest beverages to wash down them spicy spices! Beers for Beards are getting their own gigs now and probably won’t need us soon (just joking, but yeah, our house band is rocking the Raven tomorrow night!) We want your patronage and will get silly to get it! Nick Earl Davis has a Volvo now, so come rock it with him before he gets a family to go with his wheels! Big things coming down the pipeline, stay tuned as we continue to rock 2011 proper! Miss U Already!


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