Monday 1/3/11 – Holy Happy New Year Hang-Over Cure! w/ Patrick Shaughnessy, Sounds Like Funeral Music & The “Tour Band Rider” Gimme Gimme Challenge!

Happy almost 2011! Dirty Gerund Show should get bailed out of jail in time to rock it with ya this Monday Night! Your Feature is none other than PATRICK SHAUGHNESSY, off Off oFF the beaten path performance poet who made a really huge splash this past year at the 2010 National Poetry Slam. First time at Nationals on a first year team, (Lowell, Massachusetts’ first ever trip to NPS) and most poets are just glad to be there, but Patrick went next level by winning the annual Nerd Slam, Haiku Death Match and garnering the highest scores at both his team’s preliminary matches, bringing the path less taken berzerk quirk, workin’ the judge jerks for perks like high scores! Patrick is a writer who does indeed go there and is quickly making a name for himself in the New England Spoken Word Scene & Beyond with hilarity and a wired weirdness that’s too cool to be true!

MUSICAL GUESTSOUNDS LIKE FUNERAL MUSIC is an intensely talented soulful, indie pop rocks outfit from Providence, Rhode Island. KAYOUM MUHAMMAD‘s intense lyrics, amazing voice, rock star swagger, and CARLOS MOLINA’s controlled chaos, eclectic drum skills blend to bring crowds to their feet and sometimes swoon. I spent a week with these cats on the Dead of Wintour w/ Speaker for the Dead, playing as far as Houghton Michigan! These guys are cool, friendly and fuckin’ mental, in that sweet European Football Kinda Way! You can check out some tunes on their Myspace Page!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “Band Tour Rider aka Gimme Stuff!” Writing Challenge! Okay, you’re in the sickest, most in demand musical act of all time (or this year), every city in the world wants you! Besides all that money, you have the opportunity to make them poor interns scavenger hunt across the county, trying to fulfill all the demands listed in your “Tour Rider.” For those who don’t know, the “Rider” is a list of everything you want the venue to provide for you back stage! From vegetarian food to furniture, these poor saps will get you almost anything which is crazy because you can afford to get all this stuff yourself! So list-poem us your most supreme commands! Get creative. Winner can choose what they want for next week’s snack-time and we’ll get it! Want a model? Here’s materials they collected on Iggy Pop’s Tour Rider, check it! Maybe a page or two limit though! Keep those outrageous demands somewhat reasonable!

Visual Artist is To Be Determined! House Band will be kicking it! Yosh and Chicken are thinking the Mayan Calendar talk can stop! Snack Time could use a volunteer! Many thanks who braved the elements and Phish Locust Waves this past Monday to rock with us. We were outnumbered by some early eager hecklers, but persevered to have a great show! This weekend’s looking mild weather wise, so hopefully Monday will bring us some decent driving conditions! Winter Up! We miss 2010 already, and you!

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