Hey Dirty Gerunders! Stop spiking the nog for a second and read all about the holiday fun we’re spiking this Monday at the Show!

Feature SEREN DIVINE‘s a name a lot of folks new to the Worcester Scene don’t know, which is crazeeee because she dominated Worcester Poetry Slam Stages for several years super jazzy dot com boom late 90’s all the way to the contentious mid aughts. She moved to Brooklyn where she pursues teaching, writing and love and we’ve been missing her politics and sex and stories and gentle feminism and LIFE that breathes so effortlessly through her poetry. Boys and girls alike swooned when she sang words that resonated with the depth of the bassiest bass! Seren has moved on from the competitive aspects of performance poetry, but is visiting home for the holidays and we made an offer she could have refused, but fortunately, didn’t. She’s pulling out some notebooks, gonna dust off our microphone and tell us some stories of ex-pat, luxurious poverty & decadent art. She might even teach us a thing or two. She might even love us back, but that depends on ya’ll. Come one and all and welcome back one of our favorite daughters!

MUSICAL GUEST:  SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD is indie folk gangster GREG McKILLOP‘s monicker for his burgeoning solo career. After paying dues in local outfit, Nemes for three years, Greg struck out on his own to play his songs, all over. He’s been touring nationally close to non-stop for the past few months, hustlin in a way that commands any hustler’s respect. He’s released 4 CD’s and is planning to rip a full band set with special secret surprise guests to celebrate release of a new album this Monday. You can get a sneak peak over at: or you can go to and geek out in a more comprehensive manner!

VISUAL ARTISTAARON WHITE – this Worcester Native, Former Mass College of Design Illustration Student attended our show this past Monday, dug the scene and wants IN and we want him in! Apparently he’s done this live fusion before at the Paladium recently! Don’t know what kind of show that was, but we are more than enthused about the art it produced! I’m pretty sure it was not a Yani Concert. The Gallery continues to grow! Aaron’s gonna work the room paint style and you may very well get the opportunity to walk away with a great piece of local art, if you bring them philanthropic dollars!


BONUS RUCKUSTHE YULE TIDE NOG BLOG Challenge! Hey I just thought of this so back off! I get the feeling that Egg Nog is a misunderstood beverage who’s seasonal existence mystifies each generation. For example, I don’t know exactly what it is. Blogging is where it’s at apparently (he chuckles while typing into this blog) and appears to be the best way to disseminate information to an eager public there days. Write a blog post and bring it with ya for a chance to win a liter of this yummy, caloric libation! Don’t feel like writing?, research them interwebs and cut & paste something. Perform it in your best blog in your throat voice and win! We might even spike the prize for ya! I’m pretty sure most nogs will be half price by monday so we all win!

LAST SHOW OF 2010!!! Let’s make it count! This has been an incredible year and we’re proud to have found so many creative, enthusiastic, sexy people who command more from their Monday Evening’s than basic cable can provide! We are committed (or should be committed) to making 2011 ring truer, funner and sharier, creating moments of transcendence and premium ruckus that just can’t be found at monster truck rally events! YOSH & CHICKEN should get most of your loose change! HOUSE BAND STALWARTS TAYLOR, LARRY, CHUCK, SHANE, DERRICK or some combination of them are going to party like its some significant date! Bring a date! You guys have been incredible on the snacks lately! So we may just have to throw down Monday! Got a present that was less than amazing, bring it down and swap! For example, Nick’s not overly thrilled with the christmas present i got for him last summer! I thought everybody loved ice buckets dumped over their heads in Ralph’s Parking Lot…. my bad! Here come the bells, so many bells, why all the bells, what’s with the bells, please stop the bells, too many bells, can’t stand the bells, dear god the bells! We miss u alreadies!


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