Monday, Dec. 20th, Alex’s Birthday Request! Come jam with CHRISTOPHER KAIN, SARAH BENOIT, HALLIDAY NELSON & IRON POET QUALIFIER!

Yup yup! December 23rd’s my birthday, in lieu of flowers &/or cheeky adult store party favors, please bring your luminescence to the Dirty Gerund this Monday Night for a jam-band packed evening of fine words and finer word-people!

FEATURE – for the past several years, CHRISTOPHER KAIN has been serving up imaginative, inimitable, popping verse with earnest, unpretentious delivery and sterling imagery. He’s been rewarded by becoming one of the poets favorite poets’ poets at the legendary Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He’s just completed & published a project, “20th Century Limited,” that was three years in the making. A book of poems, with one piece for each year of the 20th century, recurring characters, story lines, the great American Novel, in poetry form. This is sure to be a most interesting feature, hopefully the boys in the band will brush up on their rag-time, surf rock, doo-wop & new wave. This is a really interesting project and we here at the Dirty Gerund are always interested in interesting things! This will be his first time featuring in Worcester and will have copies for sale and signing, so bring them holiday shopping dollars for that hard to please cerebral uncle who loves this Country of Ours!

MUSICAL GUESTSARAH BENOIT – you may remember Sarah’s performance kicking off our Mid-Spring Nights Pajama Jammy Jamboree Upstairs Show this past year. We’ve invited this singer song-writer from Sterling, Massachusetts back to our stage for a spotlight appearance. Listing influences, from Woody Guthrie to Ella Fitzgerald, her sweet melodies are gonna be just what we need to melt the snow this Monday Night! In case you were noticing the last name, this young lady does come from a musical family, her big bruddah is none other than house bass man, Taylor (well, we’re not sure who’s older, but he is most ceratinly biggah, n’a mean?) Check out her work at

VISUAL ARTISTHALLIDAY NELSON, yeah, that’s right, your very own Miss Dirty Gerund, resident gun-slinger is multi-talented and multi artistic medium-ed! Coming off a grueling schedule of poetry classes at Emerson College, working, her first book release party (this weekend!) and of course driving to Wustah! every Monday to favor her subjects with rapid-fire FIRE, Halliday’s gonna decompress with the help of paints, or charcoal or pixie dust, whatever she prefers to employ to make her visuals snap crackly and pop your eye domes, those are the houses that your eyes live in!

BONUS RUCKUSIRON POET QUALIFIER! “SAPIENZA vs. HEATH” Poets Asylum Co-Hosts and Worcester Poetry Slam Semi-Finalist Competitors, SARAH SAPIENZA & ELIZABETH HEATH are no strangers to our stage, both have featured for us in the past year and continue to hold things down for Worcester on the Poetry Slam Sc ene! Sapienza took the top slot at last Sunday’s Slam, and Heath wants PAYBACK! (okay, not really, we asked her and she politely agreed, the editors have chosen to embellish the last statement for pointed dramatic effect, we apologize for leading our loyal fight fans astray, these poets are actually pretty good friends) Monday Night! See these two word badgers tear each other’s reality apart with fists full of original poetic fury (wow, there we go again, the hype meter is on full beep beep tilt, maybe less caffeine before writing future promo)… see who comes out alive! 2 poets, one original ingredient at the start of the evening (provided by Chairman Yosh) 3 original concoctions, (haiku, short poem, and incorporation poem) 3 judges, 3 criteria, winner earns the right to challenge CHAMPION BOBBY GIBBS next month for the crown, the trophy, the glory! Don’t act like you don’t care!

The boys from Sound In Stone are currently in South Carolina, in the sun. They may busk enough money to get themselves home, if so, we’re sure to have a fun night of backing band triumph. We’ll probably have it anyway, cause that’s how we roll. If anyone wants to Christmas Cookie Snack Time our faces, let us know. Yosh and Chicken wish you wouldn’t scrooge us this Monday! Nick’s nose if glowing! Santa’s chiseling me Star Wars Action Figures from my last lump of coal! I don’t want presents. Just your presence this Monday Night! Yeah, I’m throwing down the birthday card, proud! (stock footage of me growling gutteral happy birthday songs to my self – a shocking scenario if you fail to appear to the show this Monday!)

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