Monday December 6th! DG saves our co-host w/ Brandi MacDonald, Ernie Benoit, Emilie Poulin & The Lucky Limerick Challenge!

Dirty Gerunders! I’m writing this from the back seat of my car, as Greg McKillup takes his turn at the wheel for our 10 hour drive from Ann Arbor to Houghton Michigan for a gig tonight! I will try to get all this info down as quik as possible with a special plea! I don’t think I’ll make it back in time for this Monday’s awesome show. Some crazy popular sport called american football will be commanding most people’s attention in this region, and our courageous ch-host Nick Davis is going to try to hold down all these reigns by himself like the true santa claus he will one day be. Come down and help him hold things down!

In return, we will offer you a great array of talent this monday night. Your featured poet is none other than BRANDI MacDONALD, the 2010 Worcester Representative to the Indie World Poetry Slam Tournament taking place this week in Charlotte, North Caroline, Brandi was a 2010 Slam Free or Die New Hampshire Poetry Slam Team finalist. Her poetry has appeared in various literary journals, and she was a contributing artist for “Just Like A Girl: A Manifesta!” She represents the element of spoken word in the ongoing photography and poetry collaboration “A Thousand Miles” with Jessica Hosman and Sarah Coughtry. She also hosts Audio Graffiti, a monthly poetry event in Jaffrey, NH. Brandi is eternally grateful for red wine and music that gets her lost on a dance floor. Being a relative new comer to the New England Spoken Word Scene, she’s already made a big splash with touching work, delivered with a passionate voice! This is her last appearance in the area before she competes and defends Worcester’s honor at the International Tournament, so come down and support! Let’s send her off in style!

Musical Guest: ERNIE BENOIT, from local Worcester Outfit, STRESS RELIEF, will be droppin in to play some solo versions of his groups raucous guitar driven Social Distortion-esque good times! The band will be playing a show later in the week at the Vernon, so we thought we’d invite Ernie down to play a few and let us know about the show. A couple weeks ago, we put a general call out on Worcesterite and our man was the first to respond, we dug the sounds, invited him and we’re looking forward to rocking out!

GUEST VISUAL ARTIST: EMILIE POULIN, well known in the Worcester Scene for running the Q coffee shop, now Arts Non-Profit Organization! She’s also a pretty spiffy artist herself, so we look forward to continuing that ever so amazing paint collaboration we’ve been rolling with the last couple months. Every week brings something really special. Art Auction towards the end of the show. Let’s see if we an beat the record set by last week’s artist, Matty Hughes. The auction has become a ruckusy excellent time.

BONUS RUCKUS – The return of the LUCKY LIMERICK CHALLENGE! One of Nick’s favorites! Bring an original Haiku, gerunder who can fit most marshmallow’s in mouth while reciting their work, wins ! Sign the waiver, don’t get too crazy and let’s have some ooooey gooooey fun!

Taylor and Derek will double bass and drum combo your words with their instrumental stylings. Yosh and Chicken will do their best to acknowledge your drink order between Brady Snaps. I’ll try to rush back from Phily to catch the action, but safety first. Drop Nick a line if you can help with snacktime, video shooting, bucket passing, etc. etc. Football? don’t they play that every week? Right?

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