Monday! Nov 29th DG post-trypt coma fest w/ poet DAVID SURETTE, SHIRTS vs SKIN, MATTY HUGHES and HAIKU HELIUM CHALLENGE!

THIS MONDAY! Dirty Gerund continues the holiday smorgasbord with another heaping holiday buffet of all things good! Our poetry feature DAVID R. SURETTE is celebrating the release of a new book of poetry, The Immaculate Conception Mothers’ Club, released by Koenisha Publications. He is the author of two other collections: Young Gentlemen’s School and Easy to Keep, Hard to Keep In. His poems have been published in literary journals such as Peregrine , Off the Coast , and Salamander and appear in the anthologies French Connections: A Gathering of Franco-American Poets s and Cadence of Hooves: A Celebration of Horses. He has been a co-host of Poetribe, a contributing editor at Salamander, an instructor at the Cape Cod Writers’ Conference, and a contributor at the Bread Loaf Writing Conference. He has featured at poetry venues across New England such as the Boston Poetry Slam, Tapestry of Voices, and The Poetry Hoot. He lives in South Easton, Massachusetts. “David R. Surette continues to mine a life rooted in small New England towns, and brings up gold. His subtle wit, his precision of eye and ear and language lay bare universal truths of living in this world. Through these poems his town becomes our town, our home, and it is with joy and gratitude that this reader keeps returning to them” – Kevin Goodan. For more info and to see some samples of his fine work, visit

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: SHIRTS vs SKIN! You’ll probably recognize our guest musical act because YOSH SHARTIN & ERIC JOHN YANKUS-FRANCO run crazy mad game at Ralph’s! They sling drinks, spin yarns and make our venue pop and lock with the fresh vibes that makes up part of the reason we like to spend so much of our time there! The boys have a musical uhm, “project.” Well project’s a strong word, because they rarely plan their shit out. They got guitars though and plan to stage dive right into your soul this Monday. When asked to describe their sound, Yosh commented that “our band’s express mission is to clear rooms.” Sounds like a challenge to me! Raw, wild, electric fun house mirrors are sure to smash and crash as these two insanobots hi-jack our ears!


MATTY HUGHES. I’m sure you’ve seen this suave cat hanging around Ralph’s on many a Monday Night. Matty’s a long time DG friend and Ralph’s Working Class Hero! Apparently he’s got some time on his hands these days and was mighty interested when he heard that we were throwing paint around our show stages. He wanted in and we’re some accomodating sort fellows, so we’re psyched to check out what’s sure to be a mean evening of inspiring collaboration. Art Auction for a special gerunder who’s willing to financially support this kind of interactive media blitzkrieg of awesome!


BONUS RUCKUS – The HELIUM HAIKU Challenge! We’ve still got a tank and willingness to be foolish. Due to the popularity of our Emily Dickinson on Helium Challenge and our constant willingness to augment our performances, we’ve decided to bring the tank back for more high pitched hilarity. Bring your favorite haiku (yours or someone else’s). Spit that without floating up through the roof and earn a chance to win a prize. Cracking up at your voice disqualifies you. Perform your haiku the best for the type of glory you can fill a balloon with!


BEER FIRED FOR BEER HAZARDS will house band your poems on the open mic! Yosh & Chicken will make ya Jump JUMP uh huh, uh huh!! WORD NINJA LIZ SWENSON‘s got a post turkey day recipe for snack-time that wowed the crowds at Dr. Gonzo’s last grilling challenge at the Emporium! Come down this Monday & get a taste! Nick misses you already! I might need more convincing.

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