Monday Nov 22nd! DG gives mad thanks w/ SIMONE BEAUBIEN! REV. BILL MCMILLAN, INPHYNIT & The AUTO-TUNE-UP Performance Challenge!!!

Oh…my…word! Start your holiday week off bonkers with this amazing line-up we turkey-shot together for you this Monday Night a the Dirty G! Our feature is none other than Boston Cantab Lounge Slam Master SIMONE BEAUBIEN! Decade-plus-veteran of the New England poetry scene, Simone makes her home in suburban Massachusetts, working as an EMT and hosting the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge. She has competed at a national level in pinball (1999), Ultimate Frisbee (2001, 2004 – 2005) and poetry slam (2001, 2004 – 2008). Has performed her work in colleges, bookstores, theaters, and bars on both coasts and all over New England. A lifetime nerd and part-time athlete, Simone is a natural product of the sound of Boston Performance Poetry, bringing the arts of slam and storytelling simultaneously to the poetry stage. As a promoter and producer, she’s produced the Boston Poetry Slam’s Qualifier at the Middle East Rock Club in 2006, founded the NorthBEAST Regional Poetry Slam in 2007, showcasing competing slam teams from all over the northeastern U.S. She’s performed in Boston’s First Night since 1999 and coordinated the poetry event since 2004 & has produced the annual Attleboro Arts Museum Poetry Slam since 2006. As a performance and slam coach, Simone has both competed for and worked with the Cantab Slam Team since 2004. In 2008, the team attained a spot on the largest poetry stage in the country, the Finals of the National Poetry Slam, where their fourth-place finish in the competition was Boston’s highest since 1995. That same year, she also operated as performance coach for the Emerson College’s debut slam team (“The Gringo Choir”), who achieved a semi-final finish at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. As a host, Simone takes the stage at the Cantab Lounge every Wednesday night to kick off the open mic, welcome the feature, and run the late-night poetry slam. As the SlamMaster of the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge. She frequently hosts outside of her own venue, and in February 2007, she hosted Finals Night at the Individual World Poetry Slam in Vancouver, B.C., at the (over)sold-out Rio Theater, and most recently, the 2010 College Union Poetry Slam Invitational at Boston’s historic Cutler Majestic Theater. Find out more about Simone & her work at

GUEST VISUAL ARTIST: Rev. BILL MacMILLAN – okay, let’s try this again, Bill fell ill a couple weeks ago when we tried to get him on the live canvas, so we’re giving this young upstart another shot at visual arts glory. Bill’s just returning from a week plus pacific northwest poetry tour and is the god-father of all things poetry slam in this town, but he’s also pretty nifty with the paint brush and live improv skills, having recently served at guest painter for the Popular Encyclopedia Show Series in Providence. He also enjoys tea, scrabble and most other board games. We may even get him to rock a poem this Monday!

MUSICAL GUESTINPHYNIT is the hip hop stage name employed by Dirty Gerund Friend and Past Feature, MARLON CAREY, who’s agreed to pay us a visit again to bring the fun verbal word flows to our half-time show. Both times Marlon graced our stage, he brought pure positive energy and dance vibes and I for one could sure use the cardiovascular muscle movement before holiday gorging. Marlon currently holds the Lizard Lounge’s (in Cambridge) King title, a member of the 2009 (and 2010) Boston Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team. Was named best Hip Hop Poet by the Cambridge Poetry Awards two years in a row, & has been the Boston Cantab Lounge’s “Grand Slam Champion”

BONUS RUCKUS: THE AUTO-TUNE-UP PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE – Why should T-Pain & P-Frampton have ALL THE FUN? Our buddy, Uncle Rusty has the deliciously demented synth hook-ups to make you sound like a true freak, so let’s sound like true freaks this Monday Night! Bring a modest sized poem (yours or someone else’s) Uncle Rusty will distort your voice while you try to keep it together! Best performance wins a t-shirt or alternate prize! “Do you feeAAAAl, do you fEAEeeeAAALLLL” wa-Wa-wA-wa-wuwah!?” We’re on a boat! (Note: We’re taking 4 competitors, depending on the size of the open mic list, we may have to ask you to choose one or the other, in the name of time considerations).

The Dirty Gerund Feloneous Duct Tape Beers for Beards Symphony Orchestra (yeah, that’s how derailed I feel when guessing who’s gonna comprise our house band this week) will be on hand to rock the cash bar proper, backing up any poet or emcee who needs some backing! Yosh & Chicken could use your business as Holiday Shopping Season quickly approaches! We’ve still got a few Dirty Gerund Series 2 Tee’s available! Open Mic Lists, Snack Time Snacks will be brought to you by Lovely DG Booster, AMBER HAMM and general merriment is sure to ensue. Don’t miss this show!!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: We’re still experiencing technical difficulties with our video editing stuff, so this week’s recap will be delayed. Will hopefully get this all figured out by Monday! Thanks!

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