MONDAY! Nov. 15th MID-MONTH MADNESS! w/ Poet Ryk McIntyre, Musician Dave Magario, Visual Artist Eamon Gillen & The “Save our Community from Metaphorical Bull-Dozers” Challenge!

This week, the rock keeps on rocking at the Dirty Gerund! Our special guest featured poet is none other than our good friend RYK McINTYRE (aka MC AARP, aka Fluffy Fantastic). Member of several New England Area Poetry Slam Teams, he has performed all over the country, opening for such acts as Jim Carroll, Andrei Codrescu, and Leon Redbone. Recently featured in the “Legends Showcase” at the National Poetry Slam, he’s also made the leap from stage to page and has been published, so there’s that. He organizes & co-hosts the popular Got Poetry Live Series in Providence, RI (where he currently resides with wife Melissa and daughter Autumn) and at the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA. Ryk’s got brilliant range, from side splitting laughter, to soul gushing love poetry, to downright weird. If self deprecation paid big dollars, he’d buy the whole world a round. He’s got the experience, precision, talent and stories to spin you smarter and he’s told us recently, that he’s “not in all this for the beauty pageant cred.” He’s so excited to be featuring at the DG, that he recently shaved his dome in honor of the man who booked him (not really… but maybe…)… so if you can’t come down and respect that this Monday, I’m really not sure what you can respect!

MUSICAL GUESTDAVE MAGARIO – most of ya’ll know Dave, who’s no stranger to our stage! Our very own local working class hero, just released an EP entitled “Snake Oil,” and finished a two week national tour with fellow local working class hero, Speaker for the Dead. Dave’s soulful voice and impeccable delivery have been missing around here, so we invited him to rock a set, mid-show, to give us a chance to pick up the new hot-ness and hear a few road stories before he artist hibernates for the winter. If you don’t know Dave (well, I won’t get all hipster and criticize you) I’ll just throw this link HERE and you can check him out for yourself! So there!

GUEST VISUAL ARTISTEAMON GILLEN – Dirty Gerund continues to invite guest artists to come collaborate with us on stage! This week, Eamon Gillen takes time off painting beautiful murals into the sides of buildings, and inking original art into the skin of local tattoo denizens at Worcester’s own Secret Society Tattoo on Water Street, to visit and throw some paint around canvas while we oooh and ahhh all impressed-like. Who knows, maybe we’ll entice him to create and ink a DG logo onto Nick’s hand, then maybe that hand accidentally gets removed, and maybe that hand with original artwork gets auctioned off! Bring auction dollars and maybe a jar or some sort of ziploc baggy!

BONUS RUCKUS – The First Ever “Save our Community Center from Metaphorical Bulldozers!” Performance Challenge” Them pesky bureaucrats wanna tear down our beloved Ralph’s Diner and build golf courses with condos and strip malls! (NOT REALLY but damn it, I’m just saying, if people can keep zombie preparedness kits in their closets, then why can’t we start practicing saving out beloved boozy local tavern where at least 37% of people know your name!) Those starched collars would love nothing more than to halt our community and good times with their blueprints, gavels and bulldozers! (STAY WITH ME) We should always be prepared, to throw down & do something! We’ll need to use our words! We’ll need to inspire others to jump in front of them hired construction crews! BRING YOUR BEST STUMP SPEECH that’ll save our bar and our poetry show! Think Abbie Hoffman, or John Belushi! Special Prize for the leader who brings that “Breakin’ Two Electric Bugaloo” sense of immediacy, that’ll warm the hearts of even the crustiest technocrat!

OPEN MIC! BACKING BAND! HOSTS WHO TRY HARD! Yosh and Chicken are still reveling in the Celtics latest victory over the over rated Heat! (they may even add extra olives to your martini for every Lebron Sucks Guffaw!) JACKIE MORRILL & MAREH LABESNKI ARE droppin by to say hi and rock our mic’s and domes! We’ll even have some snacks in tow, just so ya know, ya know?

We’ll leave you with all the inspiration you need to join our cause this monday!


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