Monday! Nov. 8th! ERICH HAGAN RETURNS TO DG! Plus Musical guest EVAN GREER & IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP! “Gibbs vs. Thoma”!

THIS MONDAY’s a BARN-STORMER at the DIRTY GERUND! Just replace “Barn” with Ralph’s and “Stormer” with hurricane…er…
As a writing performer, this Monday’s feature ERICH HAGAN has been referred to by the Boston Globe as “tender, yet violent,” and has represented both Boston, MA and Providence, RI at national poetry events. (Indie Worls Poetry Slam Championships in 2008 and the National Poetry Slam in 2007, respectively) He has performed all over the country under the banner of The Analog/Digital Debate, a gratuitously hyphenated spoken folk-rap and face-synthesizer extravaganza. He is a volunteer community outreach speaker for sexual violence prevention and has toured as technical director for the Harlem Globetrotters. Erich currently cooks, cleans and runs shows at the Whitehaus, a DIY record label, performance venue and communal living space in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, MA. He has excellent posture. Erich’s our first return invite to feature, since we inherited the shop, so I guess you can tell we really like him. You will to.

MUSICAL GUEST – EVAN GREER – Our good friend Greg McKillup sent Evan our way and we’re looking forward to seeing what this Jamaica Plain Based Politically Concious, Community Activist, Gender Liberating Singer-Folk- Songster’s gonna bring to our stage. You can find out more at ”Evan Greer continues to write inspiring folk music in the tradition of the great protest singers ‘Never Surrender’ contains and urgency and ernestness that is uniquely his… and he’s a heck of a guitar player….Tom Morello – Rage Against the Machine

GUEST VISUAL ARTIST – REV. BILL MacMILLAN – the god-father of all things Poets Asylum & Worcester Performance Poetry (for that matter) is also a fine painter and has thrown down on this kinda collaboration before (namely last month’s packed Encyclopedia Show in Providence). There’ll be more canvases, more brush work and more hot auction action this Monday Night!

BONUS RUCKUS – IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP – “Gibbs vs. Thoma, title defense. Current Champ ROBERT GIBBS has the trophy and ain’t giving it up without a fight! Providence Poetry Siren MEGAN THOMA is a fierce challenger who plans on making things interesting! These two have been jawing back and forth with juicy jabs finding their way on video. If we’re feeling daffy we might post some of this venom on FaceBook this weekend to further fan these furious flames! Chairman YOSH SHARTIN has his capable hands full, juggling secret ingredient ideas while dealing with rowdy bar patrons! 3 judges and 3 pieces of impromptu writing will separate the champion from the not so champion! There are new official Dirty Gerund Aprons for this epic occassion.

WE ARE TRYING TO START THIS SHOW EARLY! The last couple months have seen us running late and we want to do our best to get everybody involved! We’re expecting full open mic lists and we’d like to get things rolling as soon as possible. Earlier in the evening, ya’ll should check out the Q ARTS Foundation Flea Market at the QVCC on Greenwood Street, this Monday from 6-8pm where Nick’s trying to set up a poetry info table! More info for that event on FaceBook. Members of SOUND IN STONE & FELONEOUS FUNK will be rocking the jams behind open mic-ers, this week we’re calling their musical collaboration BEERS FOR BEARDS (yes it does hurt being this clever). Camera’s will be rolling. Yosh and Chicken will be slinging the finest refreshments and I will do my best to find another T-Shirt that glows! Nick says “hey, who’s got the snacks?

We will leave you with a clip of Erich Hagan performing in San Francisco!

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