Monday Nov. 1st! Mid-Term Election Eve Ruckus w/ SARAH SAPIENZA, MADAME PSYCHOSIS, JOSH WOZNIAK & THE “POOP YOUR PANTS SCARY” Haiku Challenge!

SARAH SAPIENZA is a hoot and a half.  This brilliantly sharp witted poet originally hails from Vermont, where she was a member of several youth (’02 and ’03) and adult (’03) Poetry Slam Teams. She also holds the distinction of being the first person to represent Vermont at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championships. Sarah has spent her early twenties moving all over the country for love, poetry and the perfect weather.  An early (read: young) arts organizer, Sarah most recently co-hosted Seattle’s longest-running weekly show, the Seattle Poetry Slam.  New to the Worcester Metropolitan area, she teaches at-risk youth, guest hosts the Poets Asylum Sunday Night Series,  is learning to sew and thinks that shirt looks really good on you. We’re really excited to welcome her voice to our city and our stage! Her smart, snarky, sassy, rambunctious heart is sure to fit in with this whole thing we got going around here! We’re also wicked amped to announce that this Monday will be the world premier, book release party for her new collection of poems, “Things You Should Know Before We F#@k, A Primer.” with copies available for purchase and signing and oggling and perusing and reading at the Dirty Gerund  this Monday Night! Good Title! Sarah has already got her outfit picked out, has taken Tuesday off work, secured a driver and humbly requests your presence at the roof raising, wall adornment shaking, life affirming, mystery solving, cocktail infused barrage of hug words we’ve come to expect and dance to!

MUSICAL GUEST SPOTLIGHT – Boston Poet & Novelist, JADE SYLVAN has graced our stage before with her poems. But this Monday, we’ve invited her to share her post-apocalyptic indie/ironic/sexy/hip hop musical alter ego project, MADAME PSYCHOSIS to wax zombie funk this post Halloween Hangover Monday! Her tongue in cheek lyrical style of verse ruckus is sure to raise the dead along with any and all eyebrows. You can check out this rip-roarin’ music HERE or find out more at

GUEST VISUAL ARTIST – Dirty Gerund Regular, Poet, Photographer, Artist and Super-Friend JOSHUA WOZNIAK a.k.a CAIRO stepped to us at last Monday’s Show and asked when he could throw down paint on stage at the DG. We said, next Monday buddy, bring it! And he accepted! This will be the third week in a row, where we’re bringing another kind of collaborative talent to our show. There may even be some face painting going on! Bring them duckets to bid on the art auction! Going once! Going twice! Nice!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “POOP YOUR PANTS SCARY” HAIKU CHALLENGE – bring 5 spooky monster, zombie, real life is scary enough, etc. haiku’s. There will be some head to head action, with a nifty prize on the line! Extra street cred for those in costume or willing to zombie mutter their words!

Curator NICK DAVIS is Frankensteining us a House Band for this Monday’s show! Yosh and Chicken have used science & voodoo to fuse the Monster Mash with the Mashed Potato and somehow ended up with The Twist! Jeff Siegrist will be pleased. Show will be video taped with highlights finding their way into our Wednesday Recap! We could use a snack-time volunteer, bat-channel us if you’ve got half-price Halloween Candy taking up space in your crib! Let’s get epic! Nick says he misses you already or something like that! Hard to tell with all them poems in his mouth!

We leave you with some Zombie Apocalypse!

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