Monday Oct 25 – Young Boston Upstart Wordsmith DEREK JG WILLIAMS celebrates CD Release!!! Plus Musical Guests HEELAN POWERS & Guest Artist CASEY DUGGAN

This Monday the Dirty Gerund welcomes a young good word writing upstart to our stage from Boston. A student of America’s shorthand history, DEREK JG WILLIAMS grew up studying comic books and the backs of baseball cards. His writing has been featured at venues throughout the Northeast and published both in print and on the web. Derek’s work bridges the gap between academia and performance. At its crux is complex imagery and compelling storytelling. He is a proponent of hand claps in songs, thinks the designated hitter should be banned from baseball, and is celebrating the release of his self-titled EP of poetry. For a free download from his new EP, try this link:

FEATURE MUSICAL GUESTS for the evening will be HEELAN POWERS, the dynamic duo consisting of two of Worcester’s hottest underground skateboarding punk rock hooligans Bruce Heelan and John Powers who have been making an impact all across the seven hills. Combing humor and catchiness they put on a show that is unlike anything else you will see anytime soon.

BONUS ART RUCKUS – Since last weeks Art Experiment went so well with Ashley Tucker we’re bringing in another hot young visual talent when we invite Casey Dugan to the easel. CASEY DUGGAN is a 22 year old local artist who lives just outside of Worcester. He has had several shows in Worcester since graduating High School in 2007. Casey’s work is often fueled by politics, social constructs, humanity, and exploring natural lines. Check out more of his exciting work at

BONUS RUCKUS: “KEEP IT CASUAL” ROMANCE CHALLENGE!! Win a Free Dirty Gerund T-shirt in this head to head game where you will go face to face with your opponent and read very romantic lines of poetry. The one that keeps a straight face the longest totally wins. Elimination style so up to six people can sign up!!  Feel free to bring your own game winning odes to love and erotica!!

Also this week we will be joined by Feloni0us Funk playing the backing beat to all plus Yosh and Chicken will be slinging the drinks and we got snack time wide open to any volunteers that want to show off their baking prowess!We got a lot o show this week and should be crazy fun!! Bring your family and friends. Two $ suggested donation!!

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