MONDAY OCT. 18th ALICE SHINDELAR & EZRA STEAD from the TWIN CITIES! Plus Musical Guest TERRI DELETETSKY! Plus 2 Types of Bonus Ruckus! DG get’s visual!

Okay! lots to cover for this Monday’s Show at the Dirty Gerund! First off we’re welcoming two poets from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area in Minnesota! ALICE SHINDELAR is a fresh voice in the Twin Cities spoken word community, who is already turning many heads with her bold wordplay, strong subject matter, and deceptively coy delivery. She is a 2010 VERVE grant recipient and will be using the grant to tour the country this fall. See her perform HERE Alice hosts a bi-weekly workshop called Talk Story Salon for poets, story tellers, emcees,and performance based writers of all kinds and is an editor for the erotica magazine Whole Beast Rag. Alice is also a filmmaker and aspiring screenwriter. Her film A Gentleman Never Sweats traveled the US and Japan with the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival. She’s joined on tour by EZRA STEAD, a.k.a TOM SWIFTY, has been rapping and saying poems in public for over eight years. Ezra went to the semi-finals stage as part of the 2007 Soap Boxing Slam Team, the first ever National Poetry Slam Team from St. Paul. He also recently made Group Piece Finals with the 2010 Minneapolis Slam Team, his third National Poetry Slam appearance as a member of that team. He currently raps with the Hip-Hop trio Matching Wits, who will be releasing Volume 2 of their mixtape series this month, and he just released his full-length solo debut, Tom Swifty, which will be available at all stops on this tour. Volume 1 of the mixtape, Matching Wits Talks To Teenagers, can be heard in its entirety at:

BONUS RUCKUSThe “Old McDonald Had a Farm, E-I-E-I-WOAH!” Poem Quiz Show! Nick’s had farm animals on the brain recently (maybe it was all the snack-time bacon he had last week) and wants to let you in on that crazy food pellet action! Monday Night, he’ll have a series of short poems, written from the perspective of his favorite barnyard mentors, be the first to chime in and guess who he’s quackin’ about gets a point! First to three wins a coveted new edition DG T-Shirt! Bonus points for also knowing the style of poem he’s writing in (sonnet, haiku, etc). With our game shows, there’s always a CATCH when buzzing in at the DG, we’ll let you in on the silly details during the show!

MUSICAL GUEST – You may have caught her, strumming sweet guitar and melodies a few weeks back as part of DANNY BALEL’S Poetry Feature. She played so fine, we asked her to come back and rock a set mid-show. TERRI DELETETSKY‘s a poet & songwriter, first making a name for herself at Clark University. She’s gone on to join the popular poetry theater fusion troupe ARTICULATION and fronted local act THE G-SPOTS! She’ll be visiting us with a few guest musicians in tow and can’t wait to hear ’em jam!

BONUS BONUS RUCKUS – While stalking ya’ll on FaceBook this week, I happened upon some photos, posted by talented local painter, ASHLEY TUCKER. Me and Nick were impressed with her work and asked her to rock some paints on stage this Monday Night! We’re commissioning whatever comes from this interactive experiment and might very well auction off the piece to a lucky Gerunder who’s got the benefactor bank roll!

FELONEOUS FUNK continues to back that verse up on the open mic! Yosh & Chicken are daring, and daring us to get this show wrapped up before midnight! Help us help ourselves by getting to Ralph’s at 9pm to sign up! We got a lot of show planned so, leave your 18 page epic for another week. Thank You and We Appreciate the foliage. That shit looks so FESTIVE!

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