10/11/10 October keeps Rockin’ w/ John SURVIVOR Blake, Pontius Pilot & the Nail Drivers and the Cracker Haiku Challenge! Spit!

Dirty Gerund is proud and excited to welcome John SURVIVOR Blake to our stage as our featured artist. “I began on the lower east side of Manhattan in the Baruch Housing Projects, I watched Heroin and violence, poverty and struggle destroy my entire family. After losing siblings, both parents, and a ton of friends to dope and AIDS, Hep C and bad decisions, I started writing to save my sanity. It changed my life! I’ve been writing seriously ever since. Stay tuned! There is a happy ending on the way!” Starting his poetry slam career in New York City, John has traveled extensively to perform, facilitate workshops, lecture, visiting over 100 cities in the U.S. He’s the author of 5 chap-books and currently resides in Richmond Virginia where he coaches both the adult and youth poetry slam teams. This will be one of his last stops on his NorthBeast Tour, so catch him while you can. The only thing more incredible than this story, is the powerful, raw, talented voice who tells it.

SPECIAL MUSICAL GUESTPontius Pilot & The Nail Drivers – Local musical derelicts COWBOY MATT HOPEWELL & JEFF SIEGRIST are no strangers to our stage. These Worcester Off-Beaten Path Warblin’ Music Dabblers have collaborated on a satanic blue grass combo that’s sure to make you change your views on…. uhm… reality? They’re gonna rock-tober us a short set of guitar & mandolin hi-jinx that’s sure to rocket us into… uhm… the second half of the show?

Yeah! We love these knuckle heads and can’t wait to see what sort of musical kool-aid flavored moonshine they’re swillin’.

BONUS RUCKUS – Borrowed from The Write Bloody Poet Olympics – THE CRACKER HAIKU CHALLENGE – We could try to explain the madness, instead we’ve embedded this great video of 2 Time National Slam Champion, ANIS MOJGANI spitting for the gold. DISCLAIMER Not for those with high blood pressure or weak dispositions THERE WILL BE A WAIVER TO SIGN!

Yosh & Chicken would love to pour you one! Feloneous Funk would love to have your musical back on that open mic! Snack Time promises to be something deliciously EPIC! Me and Nick would love to get you on tape poeting or dancing or singing gerund praises for our weekly video recaps! In the face of adversity, we had a great week last week and promise to keep the good going! We’ll leave you with a poem from our visiting feature as he poems from the Berkeley Slam in California!

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