“Mindy Nettifee reminds me what I came here for. Something brilliant.”
Buddy Wakefield, two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion.

THIS MONDAY, DIRTY GERUND IS PROUD TO PRESENT MINDY NETTIFEE, Mindy discovered poetry and its various “scenes” just two weeks shy of being old enough to be arrested in the state of California.  She was featured on the cover of NEXT magazine when she was 15, and went on to become a Grand Slam Champion of the Long Beach/Orange County Poetry Slam, competing on and coaching teams at 5 National Poetry Slam Competitions. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from Chapman University and served for five years on the Five Penny Poets advisory board of literary nonprofit Tebot Bach.  She currently directs the poetry nonprofit Write Now Poetry Society (www.writenowpoets.org). She has toured poetry shows and festivals both nationally and internationally performing her work on stages from Hawaii to New York to Munich, sharing stages with performance poetry luminaries Derrick Brown, Buddy Wakefield, Roger Bonair-Agard, Beau Sia, Bucky Sinister, and Amber Tamblyn, and literary luminaries Jeffrey McDaniel, Wanda Coleman, Jack Hirschman and more.  She has been a headlining poet for GirlFest Hawaii, and was recently chosen as one of the inaugural performers for the critically acclaimed show and poetry concert film/documentary The Drums Inside Your Chest. She was honored as a 2008 Newer Poets of Los Angeles, chosen by the Los Angeles Poetry Festival and Venice’s revered Beyond Baroque. In 2006 she published her first full length collection Sleepyhead Assassins on Moon Tide Press. Her work has been featured in ISM magazine and the California Poetry Anthology. Her poem “Metal Detectors And Other Important Thresholds” was a nominee for the Pushcart Prize.  Her new collection Rise of the Trust Fall has just been released on Write Bloody Press.  She currently writes from the foggy shores of Long Beach, California. Go ahead, get acclimated to the sunshine coming through at www.thecultofmindy.com

BONUS RUCKUSIRON POET QUALIFIER – “NELSON vs ???????????” Just who’ll be the next worthy challenger to take on our boisterous trophy holder, IRON POET CHAMP BOBBY GIBBS? Our newly crowned MISS DIRTY GERUND, HALLIDAY NELSON is ready to step into the ring to take on, CHAIR MAN YOSH SHARTIN‘s secret ingredient, Iron Poet History and an opponent who has yet to be named. We haven’t gotten a confirmed word gangster signed on yet, but we promise someone nasty! 3 rounds, original poem, original haiku and ingredient incorporation round. 3 scoring categories, 3 judges will decide who’s facing the champ next month!

SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST – CHA CHA& DR. NAT GET FIERCE!local luminary CHA CHA CONNOR & her piano-man musical accompaniment extraordinaire DR. NAT NEEDLE are spotlighting the DG this Monday with new tunes from soul and blues to cabaret, from the east side to the west side to homocide, keeping it dirty, sexy, and FIERCE! They’ll favos us with some sleek sounds as they prepare to headline at Nick’s Bar on Millbury Street Thursday, Oct 7th! You may have seen these snazzy posters up all over town! We’re super snazzy excited to welcome our friend to this stage. Cha Cha’s got more projects than you can shake a conductor’s wand at! From Mack the Knife, to Bolero, Worcester’s own song bird unleashes sweet lung fury with every note and we can’t wait to see ya’ll turn maple buttery!

WE REALLY NEED YOU IN THE HOUSE THIS MONDAY! Monday Night’s are alive and well, but we’re facing some challenges for the collective unconscious’ attention this Monday Night. Ye olde home town American Football Team is playing on National TV and our friends at Nick’s are having a special anniversary celebration. POETRY & RUCKUS LOVERS! We’ve put together what’s sure to be an AMAZING SHOW! Martin’s tickling the keys fancy! Yosh is in the lab, concocting perhaps his most diabolical secret ingredient yet. New DG T-Shirts still in stock! Snack Time!

To sweeten the deal, we’ll leave you with some video of our excellent feature!

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