THIS MONDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 27TH, THE DIRTY GERUND IS PSYCHED TO WELCOME KAYLANA CHAMPLAIN aka 5TH ELAMENT to our stage for two sets of rip-roaring femcee on the mic bizness! Kal Champlain aka 5th Elament is an independent artist, educator, and femcee. Rocking mics for over 12 years, she has yet to leave a crowd who was not positively affected after what many have come to know as “the 5th Elament experience. Exploring all sides of herself from the intellectual to sexual,she has become revered by women and men alike with statements such as “5th Elament made me rethink what a woman was supposed to be in a great way” and “I was thoroughly entertained and empowered.” 5th Elament takes her listeners on a journey with each track, and loves nothing more than to mix fun in with the lesson. Referring to herself as a “jedi,” her light saber (or weapon of choice) is a wireless mic so that she can be one with the crowd as needed to always keep them a part of the show. Although rooted in hip hop, 5th Elament’s music has an eclectic feel that has appealed to audiences outside of hip hop as well, making her universal. This artist leaves all with hope, love, head nods, and a good time. Her work is meant to call the spirit to a higher place, remind the soul to open up, and show what can happen with a change in just one individual. Believing that women should never be placed in a box, 5th Elament is determined to take the freedom to explore every part of herself in her music and poetry to show women that there is nothing they can’t do. She carries many alter egos, but the main one is 5th Elament: showing her conviction that it is women who will bring together the four elements of hip hop through their knowledge, compassion, and sense of community Kaylana’s part of the ISIS STORM COLLECTIVE which also features our old poetry pal, Nataly Garcia. Kaylana’s celebrating the release of her new album with a huge kick-off party in Providence the next night, so we’re souped to welcome her to our stage and give her a chance to warm up for the show! Check out more at www.5thelament.com

BONUS RUCKUS – The Dirty Gerund presents The “PROSE CUDDLE!”  The irrepressible Nick Davis had a dream… one day, true lovers of hip hop would abandon the harsh competitive tactics of the “Rap Battle” and embrace a more positive poetic approach to sharing the stage with their fellow artists. I told him to stop eating spicy foods before bed, but Nick insisted that a “Prose Cuddle” (get it?!) pitting opponents against each other to see who can compliment the other most effectively through meter, metaphor and improvisational technique. No rhymes needed. This is no battle! Let’s let the love shine through!

ALL HAIL YOUR NEW MISS DIRTY GERUND! HALLIDAY NELSON, who earned a hard fought victory over very worthy candidates Liz Swenson and Melissa Worster last week! We had a fabulous  anniversary, complete with a surprise visit and song from SHANE HALL! Let’s keep that momentum going! Dirty Gerund’s got new T-Shirts & Buttons! We’re posting weekly video recaps on the site and on Youtube! Yosh and Chicken haven’t said no to a tip yet, as well they shouldn’t! Martin and Brian will be there to back you up on the open mic! We may even have a special surprise guest or two in the house this monday! Who’s got the snacks!?!

3 Responses to “9/27/10 DIRTY GERUND SAVES HIP HOP! w/ KALYANA CHAMPLAIN aka 5th ELAMENT & The First Evah? “PROSE CUDDLE” Challenge!”

  1. So excited you all are having her. Worcester get ready!!! 🙂

  2. […] Monday, September 27 – 5th Elament performs as the feature at Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s Rock Diner, 148 Grove St. in Worcester, MA. Show starts at 9 PM and there is a weekly open mic. […]

  3. […] –>Monday, September 27 – 5th Elament, DJ Reza Wreckage, and visiting Isis Storm Men We Love artist, Majesty, perform at Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s Rock Diner, 148 Grove St. in Worcester, MA. Show starts at 9 PM and there is a weekly open mic. […]

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