Monday 9/13/10 DANNY BALEL REBEL YELLS! WE WANT MORE MORE MORE! Plus! The “Emily Dickinson on HELIUM” Challenge!

DANNY BALEL is a funky monk, selling snake-oiled flavored holy water to snakes! these were the words I used to describe this Monday’s feature, years ago when he was booking his first tour. I still mean every word, just more so now. THIS MONDAY, Dirty Gerund is psyched to welcome the only poet to ever represent the Worcester Youth, Clark University and Poets Asylum Worcester Poetry Slam Teams! Danny’s steady rise to spoken word glory has been intertwined with poetry in Worcester for the last several years, even when he didn’t get his mail here. Danny’s raw honesty, clever wordplay, rich imagery and willingness to go where a lot of us won’t have won him steadily rising accolades and throbbing winks from us word lovers. Currently an adjunct theater professor at his alma mater, Danny co-hosts the Sunday Night Poet’sAsylum series at the Nu Cafe and still makes time to smash skulls as part of the wildly popular spoken word/ theater fusion ensemble collective ARTiculation. Danny’s bringing his bass down to baby beard rattle along with his reverberating words! Don’t Miss It!

BONUS RUCKUS – First Evah! “Emily Dickinson on HELIUM” Challenge! Time to pay demented tribute to one of the most heralded poets in American History. I was first exposed to her writing back when my High School AP Literature Teacher claimed he would not cover her in class because (and I quote) “the bitch never left the house…” or in other words, I was never really exposed to her writing. So why not get a full dose from eager Gerunders, performing her classic works, after a few strong hits off a helium tank? Competitors must read a whole poem while under the influence. We’ll have judges on hand to monitor the proceedings and award victory to the poet who can keep the straightest face. IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION IF YOU START LAUGHING AT YOUR OWN SKEWED VOICE!

The Dirty Gerund Duct Tape Ensemble is a name I’ve given to our carnival revolving door of brilliant musician peeps. BEN DANIEL‘s a constant on drums (actually his drums are in my living room, so he better be a constant if he wants em back). Prime time music players are dropping in and out and back in like in them old jazz days. No matter who’s rocking, we choose to rock and therefore salute ourselves. You should too! Yosh and Chicken are bringing you the best in affordable refreshment. Tip em’ big enough and they might yell Domino!!! or thank you! Bring your fine self down Monday and find out!

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