This Monday Night, the DG is welcoming back the lady who started it all! RUSHELLE FRAZIER started kicking ass in the Worcester Poetry Scene when she was in High School, having repped Worcester at the National Poetry Slam in 2002 at the tender age of 18! Poeting and hosting readings around town under the “Frantic Rabbit” banner. Rushelle’s thirst for different brought her to Savannah Georgia, where she continued to write, perform and organize shows. She moved back to Worcester and brain-child-birthed the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. Love & appreciation for the creative energy found at Ralphs, appreciation for excellent burgers and libations and a desire to amp up performance poetry in this town, all led to the creation of this Monday Night alternative to pig skin worship.  After a year of laying the ground work, booking, hosting and promoting the first year of the DG’s existence, the Dirty South called back and enticed her to relocate in the wonderfully weird city of Savannah again. Rushelle is visiting friends and family this week so it was a no brainer to invite her to rawk a whole set for us! She’s a fine poet who expertly mines the subtleties of personal experience to reach for greater truths and gently taps her listener behind the head for moments that make you say “hey i never looked at it like that.” She’s got sass and bite too when she feels like sparring and we hope she does this Monday Night!

BONUS RUCKUSIRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP BOUTGIBBS vs DAVIS” – Current Iron Poet Champion, Bobby Gibbs in his first title defense and we aren’t making it easy, he’s gonna have to go through past champ and DG co-host, Nick Davis! This is gonna be a grudgy smudgy nobody’s gonna budgy thrillah! These two behemoths are going toe to toe to tete a tete for glory. Three rounds including original haiku, short poem and incorporation. Secret ingredient from chairman Yosh! The teeth are gonna gnash and blood may well splatter. Wear a rain coat folks. This could get messy!

Word has it we may have some birthday revelers in the house Monday Night! We are currently working on new tee shirts, activating a street team and duct-taping a new house band so we can keep this party train rolling. Yosh and Chicken will not give you the recipe for Ralph’s amazing chili, but they’ll be more than glad to spoon you a bowl to go along with your beverage of choice! Who’s got the snacks? It’s what the old boy’s asking. Who’s got the snacks?

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