Monday AUG 30th! – DG keeps on TEACHING w/ ERIN JACKSON! Plus! The “Homophobia’s Gay!” Writing Challenge!

This week, DG’s closing the summer out in style with special guest ERIN JACKSON, member of multiple Worcester Poetry Slam Teams, she finished in 7th place in the individual tournament at the 2007 National Poetry Slam in Austin, Texas. A history teacher who currently lives in Brighton, Erin hails from the North Shore, began her spoken word poetry career out west at Hampshire College and continues to impress audiences with her on-target wit, personalized politics, and a powerhouse stage presence that displays a dynamic range of humor, humanity and overall wikid smaht-ness.  Help us welcome one of New England’s Best to the stage!

BONUS RUCKUS – Tired of bigots spewing conscious or subconscious vitriol in the direction of anyone who’s different? Wanna celebrate a space where all are welcome to speak their truths and stories without fear of getting hated on? Well then, check out the first ever “HOMOPHOBIA’S GAY!WRITING CHALLENGE! Bring your best rant, verse, power essay, etc. that launches a full-on groin kick to the face of intolerance. From subtle “that’s soooo gay…” comments that crawl under your skin, to the absolute violent lunacy of hate crimes, let’s let loose and show ’em how intellectual artsy ninja type’s engage in rational dialogue. Prop 8’s overturned in Cali, Pride Week approaches and DG’s ready to let the anti-hate zinger’s fly! Fabulous prize goes to the winner!

Me and Nick are quickly approaching our one year anniversary of being Ruckus C0-Curators! Stay tuned for special announcements and further word on our commitment to freak the volume knob up some more notches this year. Gerunders! We’d love your ideas and input and willingness to get more people involved! BEN DANIEL & MARTIN GOHARY & friends are pondering band names as they back poets up on the mic this and most Monday’s. SHANE HALL is the MAN! & is taking a (what we hope to be) short hiatus from DG Music Directoring to concentrate more on his crime fighting! Yosh and Chicken are armed with cocktail shakers ready to take your money, but not your guff! Skiddledy bop!

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