8/23/10 New Hampshire’s MATT GALLANT SUMMER SCHOOL’S YOU! Plus “Is That Supposed to be a Poem” Fake-Out Challenge!

Big Man, Big Talent, MATT GALLANT is paying the Dirty Gerund a visit this week from his home in New Hampshire! Matt’s a high school English teacher and three-season coach, but he does poetry year round. Alternate for the 2009 Slam Free or Die team and member of first ever 2010 Mill City Slam Team of Lowell, MA to compete at Nationals, Matt lives in NH with his poet and musician wife, Ayanna and their dog, Shyla. He is also the editor in chief of Sargent Press, his own homegrown independent publisher of poetry chapbooks (always open for submission). When he’s not kicking ass in the classroom or on the playing fields, he enjoys abusing innuendoes. See him perform live right HERE! Matt’s truly a rising star in the New England Poetry Slam Scene, let’s welcome him!
BONUS RUCKUS – The First Evah… “IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE A POEM?!” PERFORMANCE CHALLENGEOkay, it’s time to steal, I mean, borrow one of your favorite songs or Movie Monologue, bring it to the Gerund, and perform it like it’s a poem you wrote. Top performer gets a prize. Undulate to the music while freaking Nicholson’s final semper fi soliloquy from A Few Good Men. Skittly skat your best Bob Dylan lyric. Let’s not think to hard on this people!
As always, good tunes, cheap drinks and excellent ruckus to be had every monday at the DG. Last week was phenomenal, with Shane Hall returning from tour, Jeff Siegrist turning 21 and me generally acting the fool. Summer’s almost over, get yer ya ya’s out while the weather’s still warm, ya! “You f*&#king people! You have no idea how to post a blog update!”

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