Just when you thought Rock-A-Billy was on the wane! Just when you thought your 21st birthday was long behind you in that cavernous uhm cavern that is your past! Just when you thought there’s no way 15 page epic poems full of uber obscure references to 19th century poets and 1950’s french film makers could possibly be entertaining! The DIRTY GERUND is ready to prove you WRONG! This Monday Night, 4 time Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Legend, JEFF SIEGRIST is turning TWENTY ONE, like that night! Jeff found the spoken word poetry scene at the old Java Hut and quickly made a name for himself with off OFF ofF BeAt poems that displayed a depth of eclectic influences beyond what anyone would expect from anyone that young. Jeff’s truly a connoisseur of all things you haven’t heard of. But he’s a writer and writer’s know how to make it work, and in the past 6 years, I don’t know of many poets on the scene who’ve worked as much as Jeff. He’s funny, self-deprecating, suave (only poet I’ve ever seen wearing a navy blue blazer at a poetry slam), and entertaining in unique way. Not only is he gonna be reading from his many self produced chap-books, but he’s also gonna rock a set of that old timey, Jerry Lee Lewis-esque tunes with his JOEY FAUST SAFECRACKER outfit, that features our own SHANE HALL on drums!  Help us welcome Jeff into his new Monday Night Digs as he poetically classes up the joint! Think Rat-Pack meets Ed Wood!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “WHEN I TURNED 21Poetry Challenge. Bring us your best versical musings on what you remember or don’t remember about that special rite of passage! Or flip it and write about the whole year. Or flip that and poet about that weekend you hit 21 at the Foxwoods Black Jack tables! We’re offering a prize for the best interpretation. Your feature just might pick the winner, if he’s still standing at the end of the night!

SHANE‘ll be back from his Mid-West Tour! WHAT THE FUNK will continue to be…. uh…bringing the funk! I believe CHAD JULIEN has donated snack-time! YOSH & CHRIS will be pouring drinks and wondering why karaoke’s so popular! Me and Nick are still in full role reversal, where’s he’s the responsible one while I dance away each monday like a jack-ass!

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