August 9th – DIRTY GERUND initiates 2 of our own, Female Poet Ninja Style! Plus “Metawars Redux!” HEEEEYAGH!

We had a great few weeks at the Dirty Gerund. Summer crowds seem to have found us and it’s been hard to keep up with all this online biz when so much great stuff is happening outside and away from the computer! THIS WEEK, we’re keeping the ruckus focused, intense and LOCAL as we welcome two of our favorite DG open mic mavens to hit our stage in a double feature that says “hey, we’ve been watching you kick ass”, n’a mean? HALLIDAY NELSON and LIZ SWENSON have been torching our open mic’s on the regular for the past several months. They’ve been bringing fresh work to our stage, growing in craft, enthusiasm and becoming the spoken word lady poet ninja gunslingers that we’ve always known they could be! They rock individual styles, but both share a passion for the word in common. We felt it was high time we rewarded them both with a feature! Heeeeyagh!!!

BONUS RUCKUS – “META-WARS REDUX II” – the second installment of this intense team wordplay game is in for a few adjustments according to Nick, but the premise will remain the same. Two teams, two DG regulars per team. One teammate will take an assigned cliche phrase, and speak it to their teammate in metaphor, until the the teammate guesses the phrase correct. Each team will get 5 minutes. Whoever has the most phrases guessed correctly during that time wins! Example: Phrase:Early Bird Gets the Worm.” – Speak this in metaphor to your teammate. “Breakfast treats for revelers who never seek the comfort of bed!” or something like that…. We’ll have judges to stop you if you speak too literally.

The boys in WHAT THE FUNK will be on hand, continuing their rawkin’ summer residency! Early reports from Shane’s Tour with Sound in Stone are positive and rock-star with Brooklyn Rooftops and Autographed Body Parts! Yosh and Chicken are hanging tough and concerned about the Red Sox Injury Reports. If someone brings snack-time this week, we promise to do our best to bring SHAQ to the DG for a hip-hoppin, fu-schnickinest feature you ever smoked butts outside for!

2 Responses to “August 9th – DIRTY GERUND initiates 2 of our own, Female Poet Ninja Style! Plus “Metawars Redux!” HEEEEYAGH!”

  1. Cairo Voltaire Says:

    I’m more than a little excited in anticipation. Oh… And I hope they both wear black. Way to rock it as a poet, lady ninjas, friends of mine. ;P


    “May their dreams be our stories. And may we own what they know.”

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