July 26th – Zeee GERMANS are coming! Count ’em 3! You don’t need anymore ruckus than that!

This Monday DG goes GLOBAL with 3 of the top spoken word artists from Germany who are touring the U.S. on route to their first trip to the National Poetry Slam in St. Paul, Minnesota. Wolf Hogekamp lives as an a/v editor and poet in Berlin. Since 1994 Wolf Hogekamp is reading and performing poetry and organizes regularly Poetry Slams in Berlin. He is a pioneer of the German Poerty Slam scene. Since 2000 Hogekamp is the mentor of the Bastard Slam in Berlin, one of the most important and biggest Poetry Slams of the german spokenword scene. He was the founder of the first national of german speaking poetry slam in 1997, also he managed the 10th in 2007 in Berlin. More than 400 appearances with Poetry-Slams and readings on all important German-speaking stages. See him perform HERE
Lars Ruppel was born in 1985 and is the youngest professional Slam Poet in the german speaking area. Since the age of 16 he’s touring through Europe and fascinates the audience’s ears and eyes, with his
passionated performance poetry and the largest glasses since Buddy Holly or Erich Fried. He won every important slam in Europe, the national team-competition and the german TV Poetry Slam. In 2009 Lars Ruppel published his artwork in three books of poetry. He works as a tutor in colleges and trains teachers in the field of modern spoken word poetry. His contemporary work is focused on the German Alzpoetry Project and the corporate networking of international Poetry Slams. Check him out HERE
Sebastian 23 is a poet from the unknown industrial town of Bochum. Born in 1979 as a son of a coalminer, he somehow grew up to become a poet. Today he is one of the most succesful slam poets, winning several National Slam Competions, touring all across Europe and America and starring as Special Guest at the U.S.-National Poetry Slam 2009. Far out on the Pacific Ocean he once saw and smelled a humpback whale. Very impressive.

BONUS RUCKUS – Ya’ll don’t need any! That’s right, we’re welcoming 3 of the best spoken word artists in Germany. Space is gonna be limited as is on ye olde open mic so we can create a bit of space from our friends from abroad. They’re gonna rock poems in German and English and we’re really excited to see how they do on the other side! Come through!

Snack time. Shane Hall & TBO. Yosh and Chicken. Me and Nick. What else do ya’ll need, a cookie? Well we might have those too!

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