This week, the DG welcomes a poet with a most impressive resume! Matthew John Conley has leaped from page to stage & back again, & forth. He cut his teeth (literally) while getting his undergraduate from the University of New Mexico, co-founding the Albuquerque Slam Scene (see: A Bigger Boat: the Unlikely Success of the Albuquerque Poetry Slam Scene, UNM Press 2008) & instigating the “Drive-By Poetry” movement. Along the End of the Century he was a member of 9 National Slam teams from Albuquerque, Minneapolis & Austin Texas, including a City Championship (Austin, 2002), a trip to the Finals & 3rd Place Finish as Coach of the 2003 Austin team, & a “Head-to-Head” Haiku Championship in 2005. As the publications came rolling in (chapbooks: My Friend Billy, Kapow! (San Francisco) 2000, The Soft Hells, Destructible Heart (Albuquerque) 2005; poem in Revival: Spoken Word from Lollapalooza 1994, Manic D Press (San Francisco) 1995, poem in Poetry Slam: the First 15 Years of Performance Poetry, Manic D Press (San Francisco) 2000, article in The Word (Dallas) 1997) he became reinvigorated by the possibilities of hand-held poetry & received his MFA in Poetry from the University of Arizona (Tucson) in December 2009. A tireless writer, performer & educator, Matthew looks forward to blending all this together into the higher ground of the present moment, an energized audience, & a see-through ceiling punctuated by stars. For more info on this talented man and to hear some audio, click HERE!

BONUS RUCKUS – All the thrift-store trophy marbles are on the line with IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP, “Gibbs vs. Charalambides” two literal heavyweights & Worcester Slam Veterans, Robert “Bobby” Gibbs challenges your humble co-host Alex “Alex” Charalambides in a three round poetry challenge that will hinge almost entirely on the whims of our heralded bar-man, Yosh Shartin and his choice of secret ingredient! Original Haiku, Poem and Incorporation Rounds will separate the men from the not as much! Three judges will score based on taste, presentation and use of secret ingredient. Nick’s gonna host it loud! Winner gets to say, “hey, I’m the winner” and take our trophy home. Holy wow!

Wanna volunteer snack-time? Let us know! Yosh and Chicken will be mannin’ the bar somethin’ proper. Shane and crew will be bass slappin your noggins somethin’ proper! Help us celebrate the day after celebratin’ this fire-works infused national holiday! We just might light a leftover fire-cracker under your ass!

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