This monday, the Dirty Gerund is proud to welcome Puma Perl! A poet and fiction writer who believes strongly in the transformative power of the creative arts.   Her work has been published in over 100 print and online journals and anthologies. Read a great story about her new book in THE VILLAGER, Her first chapbook, Belinda and Her Friends, was published in 2008 and recently was awarded the Erbacce Press 2009 Poetry Award; a full length collection, knuckle tattoos, has just been published and will be available.  She performs her work in many venues, in and out of New York City. Recent features include Cornelia Street Café, the Riverwood Poetry Festival, Middleton CT – Outlaw Night,  and the HOWL Festival.  Puma lives and writes on the Lower East Side and has facilitated writing workshops in community based agencies and at Riker’s Island, a NYC prison. She is a member of Harmattan Theater, a performance group dedicated to environmental and socially engaging theater. See her read her poem “I Didn’t Throw My Iced Coffee,” at New York’s Cornelia Street Cafe. Her first full length collection of poems is called “Knuckle Tattoos” ya’ll! Make your way down and hear this unique voice!

BONUS RUCKUSIRON POET TITLE DEFENSE, “CHARALAMBIDES vs. DANIELS!!!” Young Personable Gerund Upstart Ben Daniels has thrown down the challenge, so I guess I gotta accept. Chairman Yosh will bring the secret ingredient. Former champ Nick Davis will select 3 judges and host this title defense bout. 3 poems based on the secret ingredient. Original haiku and short poem, then incorporation round with poem readers have read at Gerund before. 3 categories. EPIC

EVERYBODY LOVED SODIUM-FREE GENERIC PRICE CHOPPER RICE CAKES FOR SNACK TIME last week!!! So we’ll keep bringing ’em until somebody volunteers some snack time goodies. Hit us up mwahhahahahahahahahah! Musical Director SHANE HALL’s gonna keep MAD SCIENTISTIN music for our listening ears. The band’s going through some reformations, but Shane is undaunted and that’s how we like our musical director’s! SEE YOU THERE!

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