This week, the Dirty Gerund is proud to welcome a nationally recognized poet visiting us as part of his first New England Tour! MATT GANO is an internationally known poet, writer, and performance artist residing in Seattle, Washington. Three-time member of the National Poetry Slam team for Seattle, and 2008 “Seattle Poetry Slam Grand Slam Champion”, Matt Gano remains atop the list of spoken word artists in national and international poetry communities. See him perform his poem “Do It, Imagine” Matt is a renowned teaching artist passionate about sharing his love for language. A writing mentor and Writing Circle facilitator for Youth Speaks Seattle, he is a perennial Artist in Residence with Seattle Arts and Lectures: Writers in the Schools. Matt has taught writing workshops for the Seoul Youth Creativity Summit, at the Hajag Center in Seoul Korea, and in 2009 was an artist residence at the Lee Shau Kee, School of Creativity in Hong Kong. You can find more about Matt at his website, click HERE or watch him perform his piece, “The Truth,” at the Seattle Poetry Slam! This is his first time in Worcester, so let’s welcome him!

BONUS RUCKUS – First Installment of the “WORD vs. NERD!” Game Show! Nick’s getting back to his roots and letting his nerd flag fly high! 3 contestants. 15 chances to buzz in and let us know if it’s “WORD or NERD!” as in, is that a line from a poem, or is it actually a quote from a comic, role playing game, Star Wars, Start Trek, Star Search, something with Stars, etc, etc… I don’t know… I’m ready to give it the Simpson’s Comic Book Store Guy “Worst Question Ever!” scowl – Do you have the gama laser photon modules to throw down on this game? It’s boring to be cool ALL THE TIME!!!

AS ALWAYS, SHANE HALL & TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA will be in the house to get your back, they’ll have some AMAZING NEWS about a show they’re playing at Jerky’s Bar in Providence on Tuesday! Hopefully YOSH will be recovered from plague and ready to make our taste buds dance again with burgers and drink concoctions! CHRIS “CHICKEN” O’NEIL‘s favorite team, the BOSTON BRUINS are one win away from conference championships, so you know he’s rawkin’ a jock smile (how un-nerd of him!) WE HAVEN’T HAD A SNACK TIME SPONSOR IN THREE WEEKS, DON’T MAKE US BRING RICE CAKES THIS MONDAY – FIND US ON-LINE & VOLUNTEER! 🙂

End Transmission

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